"One can simply read a book and have the fantasies of being inside the battle or other event that occurs, but going to an online website just to say stuff like "claws neck nn" is complete foolishness."

Chapter 1: 7 Letters

Olivia was a young girl, at the age of 9. She was a big Warriors fan, as well. She knew everything that happened in every story, and all of her friends called her "A Walking Spoiler Alert". She knew how Tigerstar died, why Sol wanted to destroy the Warrior Code, when Brambleclaw was appointed to leader, etc. And she was proud, too.

Olivia also enjoyed playing Animal Jam. One of her friends, Gabby, told her about a certain roleplay den just for Warriors. "Really? Why wasn't I informed? That's AWESOME!" She squealed, searching up madjasterx.

Even though Olivia only had an arctic wolf & a sword, she acted like she was the leader. Since she had free chat, she always said stuff like "WASSUP ERYERN? XD LOL :33333" and she'd say that every time she logged on. Eventually, invaders started coming to their roleplay den called "Power Players". Olivia knew this was her time to show loyalty to her clan, and said "kills nn" to all of them.

Yes, that is what proved loyalty in Olivia's world. Simply saying 7 letters, then hitting Enter! Yet, the fools that followed Olivia's 7 letters thought that she was a complete hero.

But Olivia wanted more...

Chapter 2: Tyrants In The Making

One week later, Olivia's popularity rose like a new animal in the Diamond Shop. She'd be greeted by complete strangers, she'd be given extremely rare items like headdresses, spikes, etc., and clan members would BEG at her paws to send them a buddy request. And, she did at first to be nice, even though the only things her buddy's did was brag that she was friends with them. But,she still thought it was hilarious & fun, so she continued.

For a month.

A month later, she had more friends than any jammer could dream of. Spikes, headdresses, slingshots, horns... Everything. She quickly ran out of room in her inventory, but she'd never trade. She'd never sell, nor give away ANY items. Not even pillows. Many clan members accused her of hacking, just to see if they could get her smallest items. But, she still never did.

One day, while she was hanging with her two richest buddies, a small, non-member bunny that has been a clan member for a year, asked if she could sit with Olivia. At this point, Olivia's power warped her mind into a complete fool. She became blood-thirsty for battle, and enjoyed bullying anyone non-member just to get some laughs from the warriors. "Back off, foxdung! 030 no one cares what you have to say, go burn in ShadowClan. LOL XD" But, the bunny stood there in error. "Uhrm, but missus, I was just as-" "SHUT UP, IDIOT! *RIPS OPEN CHEST NN*"

Olivia herself knew that she had gone too far, but she didn't care. "*OPENS UP RIBCAGE AND THROWS INTO THROAT NN*" "EATS BODY NN". And, that was it. Olivia had proven business just by typing in hurtful words. Olivia was a full on cyber-bully, but Olivia loved it. Her entire life was corrupted by power she didn't even have.

Yet, even without power, she had words that seemed like power. Just a few pixels & code, and she was a full-blooded tyrant. And she knew it, too.

To be continued... ~Rags

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