Waves lapped at the soft sand, washing away the depressions left by the feet of those that were strangers to the cove. The air smelled of saltwater, a cool breeze blowing over the tropical forest behind the small area. The leaves glistened with water, the sun's light making them glitter. All was silent until a loud shriek could be heard.

"Run!" someone spat, the sound of crunching leaves following. A person was shoving branches out of his way, three others following behind not too far from the boy, who appeared to be thirteen or fourteen.

"Hurry! It's gaining on us!" a young girl yelled, swerving around a tree trunk with beetles crawling in and out of it. After she spoke, a faint, high-pitched yowl could be heard along with the growling of some sort of creature.

A pitch black bird perched on a branch, watching the chase. A young leopard was chasing after them, but wasn't too big to kill. The bird let out a caw, spreading its wings and leaping into flight, abandoning the humans.

"Dangers, dangers!" it called. "I sees dangers!" A storm of black birds rose from the trees and into the air.

"Danger!" they all called one after another like a swarm of bees, the flock turning their heads to a ship in the distance.


"Why'd we take the boat anyway?" a girl with long, very dark brown hair said. "We could've just flew here."

"It'd be too expensive, Dusty," another young girl said in response, a hand brushing through her short, brownish hair. "The boat ride wasn't much."

"Hush, Taylor," another said. "Dusty's right. It'd be too expensive."

"Aw, come on Popplio!" Taylor said frowning. "Flying is fun!"

"Taylor, do not call me Popplio. I know I'm the only person ever to like that Pokémon, but I'd prefer to be called by my initial nickname, Tech," she said. "And where's my dog? ROXIE!"

A black chiweenie with a white underbelly darted over, running up to Tech, tail wagging madly. She picked up her dog, avoiding her attempts to lick her. She held the small dog in her hands, scratching its head.

"Why'd you bring your dog?" Dusty asked. "Shouldn't she be at your house still?"

"Nah, I wanted to take her with me. Roxie's a good dog."

A loud rumble shook through their bodies, the others on the boat taking their attention to the sky. Another loud roar erupted from the sky, and they felt it this time. "Oh boy," Tech said, "we're in for a wild ride."

A lot of shouting could be heard as dark clouds began to roll in. The ship began to turn.

"We're heading to the island? Lost Dreamer's?" Taylor gasped, holding onto the side of the boat with the other two. "We'll be stuck for days!" Tech nodded, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I have healing cream that my nana made."

Before she knew it, rain began to pour down. Tech held her dog close to her, nearly stumbling over as waves rocked the ship. "I knew we should've taken the airplane instead of this pirate-based ship!" she shouted. The shouting grew louder as the waves grew stronger. Water soaked their clothes as a large wave reached over the side of the ship. Tech ran the other way, still holding her beloved pet, a bag on her back.

A loud crack went through the air as they caught the sight of the island in view, along with a swarm of some sort of black creatures. The birds- which were ravens- began to swarm in, diving like missiles at random people on the boat. Tech still held her dog, who was whining miserably. Taylor let out a scream as a raven landed in her hair, but fell into the water as the boat began to sink, but something rammed it up.



"Ow..." someone groaned, wood splinters digging into their skin. Taylor raised her head, running her hand through her hair as she floated in the water, arms slung around a wooden plank.

"What... what happened?" Tech rasped, laying on the sand as waves ran over her soaked clothing. Her face was bleeding from a cut, her dog laying on her back. Pieces of wood dug into her arms and palms, blood rolling down them into the crystal clear water.

She rolled her dog off her back and held her in her arms, pushing the wood deeper into her skin. Looking back, she saw planks of wood, metal, and rope floating in the water. The ship was nowhere in sight- they must've floated away.

Tech began to pull the bits of wood out of her skin, wincing from the sharp pain. "Ow!" she groaned, tossing the pieces into the sand. "Where are we...?"

Dusty coughed, sitting up on a pile of rocks. She only had a few bruises, and that was about it. Water dripped off all of their bodies. She was horrified by the floating bodies in the water. She tore her attention from the bodies and back to the other two.

As Tech turned, her eyes casted upon a massive, tropical jungle. Exotic birds chirped in the distance, their calls filling the air. Paradise birds gathered in a group, staring at the three laying on the shore. Their vibrant colors mixed with the bright green leaves of the trees created a dazzling scene. Tech got up, holding Roxie.

"There's a statue," Taylor said, pointing to a statue carved out of stone. The statue pictured a two-faced cat with three eyes sitting upon a tall stone, tail falling behind the rock. Strange symbols were carved into the rock the cat sat on above lines that went around it. Around the cat's neck was a necklace with an orb on the end of it, held up by a ring on the top of it. There were words carved into the front of the rock that said,


"A cat that keeps the stars? Ridiculous," Taylor laughed, rubbing her bruised arms after plucking the splinters out of the flesh. "Well, it's getting dark."

Tech looked back at the statue as the other two headed for a cave. She saw the three eyes flicker purple, but when the other two looked back, they changed to normal. She turned and followed Taylor and Dusty into the cave. Tech pulled a lighter out of her backpack, lighting the end of a stick.

"You have a lighter?" Dusty asked.

"You never know what situations you'll get in. Plus, I have healing cream, ointments, band-aids, soap bars my nana made, and other things. And my phone."

"Call for help then!" Taylor said.

Tech pulled out her phone, a massive crack on the screen. Water leaked out of it, a shock making her drop it. "It's broken."

"Oh well. We'll stay in here for now," Tech said. They ventured into the darkness of the cave, Roxie walking beside Tech.


The three of them and Roxie sat there around a campfire in the cave, the light of the fire flickering on the stone walls. Roxie let out a yawn, laying on Tech's lap. Dusty played around with a stick, drawing in the sand, and Taylor watched the fire.

"We're gonna starve..." Taylor mumbled. "Have anything in your bag, Tech?"

"Yes, but you can't have any snacks just yet. You take too long to eat, too," Tech said. "Let's wait until we really need to eat. I don't need to right now, since I barely eat throughout the day anyway."

"What food do you have?" Dusty replied.

"Well, I have some crackers, Nutella, water bottles and a bunch of vanilla wafers."

Dusty nodded and continued to draw in the soft sand. A crack could be heard that echoed through the cave.

"Did you break your stick?" Tech asked. Dusty shook her head, "No."

"Then what was that sound...?" Tech's head turned to the darkness in the cave. A low rumbling noise could be heard. She shivered. "It's probably just some rocks. Take your attention away from it, it'll just scare you." She pulled out a necklace with five glass beads on both sides. On the end of it was a red fox skull with no bottom jaw, painted with splotches of brown and pale brown. Black dots spiraled in patterns on the bone. She put a hand on the forehead, palm resting over it.

"Why did you bring that?" Dusty asked.

"It's comforting to wear..."

The rumbling noise grew louder. It sounded like rocks were being smashed against one another, clicking noises echoing through the depths of the cave. A growl could be heard, along with the sound of churning liquid.

"It's behind me, isn't it?" Tech said, the other two staring behind her. She put her dog in her bag, zipping it halfway. When she turned she gasped.


A deep roar shook the ground, pebbles on the ground shaking. The three of them darted up, heading for the cave's exit, which was farther away than they thought. They didn't realize how far they went into the cave. Turning around for a moment, Tech gazed up at a brown-eyed beast, its back hunched, long arms hanging down. Its head was similar to that of a wolf, but had the jaw of an anglerfish, razor sharp teeth poking out as it let out a deep shriek. Its rocky, gray and brown form walked toward them, its large feet shaking the ground with every step it took.

As they neared the exit, a loud rumble shook the cave once more. The beast stomped in rage, crying out at the girls. As it stomped, a waterfall of rocks came down, stopping them inches away from the exit. Whipping around, Taylor gazed up at the beast.

"W-We're trapped!" she cried. Dusty's brown gaze flickered to a hole in its chest, a veiny, glowing organ thumping inside of it. As she scanned its body, she noticed a trail of veins flowing between the rocks like water, glowing as its "heart" beat.

"We should try to stop it," she said loudly as the creature stood in front of them. "Grab as many rocks as you can and try to hit its chest!"

With this, Tech put Roxie in her bag and grabbed a sharp rock, hand clenching around the base. She ran behind it, grabbing its thick, long tail of rock and jumping up onto its spiked back. Gripping the hard spines, she pulled herself onto its head. The other two grabbed the sharpest item they can find and began to cut at the veins as it roared, trying to buck Tech off its back.

She gripped the horns on its head, leaning forward. It let out a roar, causing Roxie to whine in the bag. With a swift motion, she jabbed its eyes, causing it to fall. Taylor bolted out of the way just in time as the beast slipped, body hitting against the wall.

Grabbing the rock, Tech ran up to the creature and jabbed its heart with a swift movement, causing it to stay silent for a moment. All of a sudden, rocks were collapsing around them with a mighty roar. Something huge fell in front of her, blocking her friends out of sight in the midst of screaming and shaking.


"Wh... where am I?"

Tech sat up with a groan, running her hands through her ridiculously thick hair, which flung up in many directions. She looked up to see a black sky, blurry gray circles fixing into stars as she put her glasses on. She could see a swirling mass of bright stars. Sitting up, she viewed herself in a mirror with a silver outline. The glass was cracked terribly, pieces of it missing. Her hands ran along the ground, palms tracing over mini-craters and bumps.

"An asteroid...?" she mumbled, standing as she twisted her hair back, pulling it up with a clip. Her hair looked similar to a bun, but her hair hang down like a rooster's tail. "But... why am I not breathing?"

"You don't need to breathe."

She paused for a moment. Those words were so simple, but sounded so powerful. She heard hundreds, thousands- no, millions of different voices speaking together in unity. Hundreds of accents, pitches, depths... All of them spoke as one in a loud mixture that seemed to rocket at her like a bullet to the chest. A powerful wave of shock flooded through her body. Looking down, a glowing white cat sat there with no outline.

Its three eyes opened. The orbs were extremely bright, causing her to cover her face. For the moment she saw the feline's eyes, they were constantly changing colors, from color to color.

"Look at me," it said. "Open your eyes."

Tech looked at the cat, her eyes instantly adjusting to the brightness, as if the feline were nothing more than a dim light. "Why am I here?" she wheezed, lowering her arms to her sides.

"I cannot say," it said. "But I have a message sent from the gods."

"Gods?" Tech huffed. "I don't think there are any gods, really-"

"Hush," it growled, a wave of electricity shooting through her. "I can't speak if you're rambling about what you think!"

"...sorry. I didn't mean it like that."

It gave a menacing glare. "I'm here to warn you. Pharah has sent me here to deliver important words to you, and you only."

"Why me?" Tech replied.

"No questions. Now, like I was saying, Pharah has sent me here to deliver important words to you, and you ONLY. You mustn't tell anyone about this, even if your life depended on it, for I will come to your rescue. I have chosen you because you are unnatural. You are unlike others in a certain manner," the feline said. "but I cannot tell you how. You'll learn in your own time."

"So what's the big message?" Tech asked, sitting with her legs crossed to look at the feline, who was fairly small.

"The island is unsafe. Leave as soon as you possibly can. There are dangers in every corner you turn, every step you take, every tree you walk by, and every cave you might enter," it said. "But there is a true danger that will fall upon one of the three."

It stood up on all fours, stepping to the mirror. With a glance, the glass began to shift back into place, shattered pieces forming together. Tech stood up and looked at herself. "What's with the mirror, though?"

"One of you is a traitor, a turncoat, one who goes against the law of nature... Look at the mirror now. It will tell."

Instead of her body being shown, there was another person, if that's what it was. The person had long, flowing white hair that trailed behind her. She wore a long robe that changed from dark purple hues to deep blue, a faint glow outlining the ends of the long sleeves and the end of it that went past her feet. Stars flickered in the robe, glowing and fading back into the darkness.

Black lines ran from the bottom of her red eyes to her jawline, fading away into pale skin. A necklace with a heart-shaped pink star diamond on the forehead of a small fox's skull with splotches of bright white hung low on her neck. Two striped ram horns curled from the sides of her head above her ears, a second pair of horns curving back on the top of her head.

"Why are you showing me this?" Tech asked. The feline closed its eyes.

"I am a god," it said, "You have to beware of this entity you see that replaces your reflection."

There was a pause.

"The three of you will be known as the Chimera Trio. You must keep your imaginations to a limit," it said. "or else, you will put yourselves in danger. This entity you see is from your own thought. Don't go too far."


"Are you okay?" a soft voice rose.

Tech sat up, looking up to see a girl with blonde hair that almost appeared white, pale skin, and dazzling blue eyes that looked like they were made of diamond. She wore a white dress-like robe with pink floral patterns that patterned it, gracefully sewn in. She wore a diamond talisman around her neck. The stranger held a hand out, helping Tech up.

"What.. happened?" Tech wheezed out shakily, legs slightly trembling.

"You fell through the roofs," the girl said. "The cavebeasts must be thinking you were trespassing... Wait."

She wielded a dazzling golden bow with various patterns carved into it, aiming a wooden arrow at the rock ceiling above. From a hole in the rock came a small, spider-like creature with a rocky body. She released the arrow, directly hitting the creature in the heart. It let out a scream as it fell limp, plunging headfirst into a lake of crystal clear water. All around were trees, looking healthier than usual. Flowers blossomed out of the soil, silky grass swaying with a wind that seemingly came out of nowhere.

"Good thing I saw that," the girl with the bow and arrow said. "I don't want those rock spiders infesting this forest. Now, what's your name?"

"Tech, but my real name is Kaylie..." she said.

"I'm Aphrodite. I've never seen you around here, even on the surface.. How did you get here?"

"Well," Tech said. "We... our boat crashed in a storm."

Aphrodite crossed her arms after setting her bow down. "The overlord must have done this... Were there a lot of black birds?"

Tech nodded.

"That's what I thought... He's not getting any better with his younger brother, either. Stupid two-headed bird."

"Overlord?" Tech questioned. "What do you mean by an overlord? Two-headed bird...?"

All of a sudden, Tech was being dragged through the forest, facing up at the odd white scenery with bright white "clouds" painted on the rocks that resembled the sky. She felt herself being dropped in front of a set of collapsed buildings held up by pillars and bricks, Aphrodite shifting into an arctic fox. "Come with me, I'll explain everything."

She walked into the ruins, gazing around at the dull paintings on the rock. Aphrodite stopped her at the dead end of a large room, the walls crumbling. Pieces of brick, marble and stone were missing, leaving deep holes where they used to reside.

"This is the overlord Wacoh, the mighty two-headed eagle," she explained, muzzle pointing to a large, black bird with two heads facing the opposite directions, beak open. Its talons were wrapped around a sword and a pointed object with strange markings on it. "He rules this island."

"Why did he attack me and my friends, though?" Tech asked.

"Wacoh despises humans and all things related to them," Aphrodite said. "All humans, or anyone who has relation to a human, will be hunted down by his forces. He has the power to control their minds, brainwashing them with false information. He told them that one day, humans will destroy the ancient island.

"From this, he made them destroy all things that came too close to the island. He kept humans hostage in caves, keeping their souls imprisoned underground, locking them away. When a surge of people came to seek revenge for their lost loved ones, they kidnapped his mate and three children, brutally murdering them and littering their bones and feathers all over the island. He buried them here, in the darkness."

"Who made these paintings?" Tech asked, running a hand over the dull paint.

"The Ancients. They were a group of wise bird creatures who learned the cruel ways of Wacoh. They took their place in this underground forest and painted the walls so they can imagine they were on the surface Earth. They gave life to this place with their powers. When Wacoh found out, he was outraged. He slaughtered the Ancients, but they used the rest of their power to create a barrier on every single plant, every single stone and crevice, to protect it."

Aphrodite paused after speaking. "There's still some space left in the whole story though," she said. "They said that people would come to save the island once and for all. I don't know what's on the surface, though. Those stories are untold... But you need to rest and change into something else. I have some clothing I haven't worn. Come on."


Taylor and Dusty sat beside a campfire in the middle of the jungle, birds calling from every direction. The sound of wind and the crackling of the fire joined with the sounds of the wilderness. Taylor let out a short sigh, criss-crossing her legs as her back slumped forward.

"Tech's gonna be mad..." Taylor said. "Roxie's gone missing."

Dusty nodded. "This is horrible. We're stranded in the middle of nowhere, freezing in the middle of the night, and there's no food."

"What about those red berries?" Taylor asked, pointing to a bush with vibrant red fruits. "We can eat them, right?"

"No, those are toxic." Dusty picked one and tossed it into the fire. "You'll throw up."


The two stared at the fire, the leaves swaying in the trees. All was quite, except for the constantly chirping and hollering of the strange birds that rested in the thick trees with long leaves. Dusty caught a glimpse of one, a long-tailed black bird with a curvy beak that appeared to be the size of a bald eagle. It had sleek, pitch black feathers around its neck that appeared to be darker than the rest of its body. The bird's talons dug into the ridged wood of the unknown tree. It let out a screech, spreading its massive wings as it leaped into flight.

A long black feather drifted down from its left wing. Dusty caught it right before it slipped into the campfire. She held it up, running a finger along the side of it. The feather felt rough and seemed to scrape her finger, as if it were made of rocks. The wind began to blow, sweeping the feather out of her grasp. The tip of it dipped into the flames, causing the rest of it to crumble into ash.

"My feather..." Dusty mumbled, elbows on her knees and hands on her cheeks. She sighed, staring at the fire as Taylor chunked limbs and leaves into the pit. The smoke began to rise quite quickly, the smell of acid and ash filling the clean air. "Oh well. Whatever comes has to go someday."

She kept staring at the fire, the crackling growing louder and louder until it sounded like growling. A roaring sound lihtly filled her ears.

"Do you hear that?" she asked. Taylor shook her head, "No."

A loud roar rocked their bodies as the ground seemed to shake lightly. The fire raged, the fuel beneath it quickly burning. A strange shape began to form. Two slanted eyes, a muzzle, and curved ears. Stripes began to form on its body, the figure of a tiger forming in the flames. The two leaped back in shock. Taylor's back jabbed the sharp, pointy bark of a tree.

The flame tiger's head swung around at the two, who were standing by each other. It let out a roar of fury, the thick "fur" on its neck area fluffing up. Its eyes began to appear very real, its fiery shape turning into flesh and fur. It stood close to the others, yellow eyes staring at Dusty.

"Uhhh.. What are.. you?"

A leaf fell, barely brushing its glowing body. It began to dissolve in silence, ash falling to the forest floor.

"What was that?" Taylor gasped.

"The big one, Ivan, striped feline of the flames," a voice called from above.


Standing in front of them was a bipedal... thing with thick, blue-gray fur. It had a anatomy similar to a feline's, but its back was upright like a humans. It had a white mark on its chin, leading down to a large spot on its furry chest. It stood on its three toes with paw pads, claws sticking out. The creature had blue eyes that faded down to green and shattered glasses resting above its twitching pink nose. The.. thing's fox-like ears fell back as it put its paws together, fingers flexing. The bottoms of its arms were furry, making them look like they curved down.

"Woah!" Taylor hollered, stepping back from the thing. "What... what are you!?"

"I am a felikine," he said, his long, thick tail swaying in the air behind him. "What are you?"

"Human," Dusty said. "What's a... feli-whatsitcalled?"

"A bipedal species that is very similar to felines, except we have shorter muzzles and have complex brains," he said. "We lack the ability to sheathe our claws and we have longer whiskers, though. We do have a better scent and far better sight. We can see scent trails."

"Then why do you have glasses?" Taylor asked, pointing at his shattered glasses.

"I took in a rare gene that causes the eyesight to dull in certain lights," he answered, adjusting the lenses that sat on his face. "The cracks help take in light and block it from specific amounts of sunlight that can harm parts of my eyes. We have complex systems... Also, my name is Merrin. What might your names be?"

"My name is Taylor... And this is Dusty, but her real name is Melissa."

Merrin nodded in response. "It's nice to meet you. Did you get startled by the fire?"

They nodded.

"It must have been a trick by the overlord here... Before you ask, the overlord is a two-headed bird," Merrin said with a yawn. "Stay away from fires as much as you can. He's using the tiger as a way to scare you into leaving, or to drive you insane. Come with me, you need to get somewhere safe out of their reach."

"Out of their reach?" Dusty said, placing a hand on her chin. Merrin nodded, tail tip flicking. "Why should we trust you?"

"Listen here, I'm trying to get you out of this place," Merrin growled in a stern tone, pointing as his ears fell back. "I'm trying to keep you safe here. You don't want to die, do you?"

They shook their heads.

"Then come on. The pack grounds should be safe. Don't worry, I'm one of the head guards. They won't hurt you if I'm with you."

"Where are the pack grounds...?" Taylor mumbled. Merrin's ears shot up.

"The entrance is spiraling down to a clearing beneath sea level. It's like a gorge," Merrin yawned. "But from the surface, the pit where it's at is covered by tree roots."

"Alright..." they both said, following Merrin, who began to run on all fours, leaping over tree roots and limbs. After a few minutes of traveling and getting bitten by weird, fat bugs, they stopped at a hole in the ground, which looked wide enough for them to crawl through.

"When you get further in, you can stand up," Merrin said, sliding into the darkness of the tunnel. "Crawl on your stomachs. There are no bugs to bite you. We place berries around that keep them away."


"What's a power item?" Tech asked, walking beside a werewolf-like person that wore a Hawaiian shirt with hibiscus flowers over the blue background. It brushed a leaf off its khaki shorts with one large paw, the other one grasping a book.

"Power items are basically an item you possess or wear that gives you a certain power once you learn how to control it," the wolf said with a yawn as they walked into a clearing, the trees and scenery growing darker. "This is the training clearing. It looks dead because, well, some people I've seen couldn't control their new abilities."

"What were some of them?"

"Well," the wolf said, scratching the back of his furry neck, "despite my ridiculous clothing, I've trained many to use powers. Some of them include telekinesis, fire, ice, shapeshifting, and weather control. Those are for the Master class, though... I've taught all of them."

"Classes...?" Tech said quietly. "What classes are there?"

"Well, there are Beginners, Apprentices, Workers, Soldiers, Masters, Experts, and the highest rank of all, Champions. Getting to a Champion class is the hardest one, and it takes years of work," he barked. "I've never taught above Master classes. All I know is there's been five Experts and only two Champions."

"What do Champions have?" she asked.

"They... oh, they have the powerful stuff, the royal things... I heard one of them sent an asteroid hurtling toward the Earth!" the wolf said, tail wagging. "Now onto you.. Do you have any precious items that are dear to you?"

"My fox skull necklace..." she said, holding the skull in her hands as it hung around her neck.

"That's a good one," Wolf said. "Focus on the skull. Think about what animal it belonged to, and focus as hard as you can. Try to dissolve all other thoughts that you might have and think. Imagine what characteristics the animal might have."

"I don't feel too good..."

"That's good," Wolf barked. "Your body's getting used to the forces that change you. Fox items give you stealth, agility, judgement, and you can see scent trails."


The empty space where the eyes of the fox would've been began to glow in the centers, a green light flickering as a dot appeared. Tech looked at it. "Weird..."

"Now, see these rocks?" Wolf asked, pointing to a few large rocks shooting up from the ground with dents and cracks in them. "Think about leaping to them from where you stand. You, the end of the clearing, to the rocks, at the other end."

Thinking harder than she normally would, her head began to throb. The black pits in her eyes began to fade to green. She leaped forward, feet pressing against the ground with a thump. She leaned forward, leaping higher into the air than normally. Her feet slipped against the rock, causing her to twist backwards... painlessly? She gripped one of the rocks and pulled herself up with a deep breath. The green faded to black once more.

"You're workin' on it."


"I'd like if you'd meet one of the others here that I've trained," Wolf said, holding the book in its paw and flipping through the pages. "Let me see.. hm... Oh, Muthana!"

A girl wearing gray clothing stepped in, her blue hair tied back in a braid. Her green eyes were half squinted as she looked at Tech, leaning against a burned tree, arms crossed. A bow hung on her back, arrows in a case.

"I'd prefer it if you called me M.J.," she hissed.

"Oh, sorry," Wolf whined. "Alright Tech, this is M.J., someone I've been training with for a long while. See that rabbit bone locket? That's her power item. Show Tech your ability."

M.J. stood there for a minute. "Why should I?"

Wolf shifted where he was standing. "Now. Now, don't argue with me." In response to this, she muttered something as she leaned the bow against the tree.

Her eyes began to glow bright green as she jumped, her body shifting into the form of a rabbit. She landed on the ground with a thump, a green glow surrounding her paws. M.J. hurtled herself at the rocks, twisting around and bouncing herself higher into the air. Her paws gripped a piece of wood on a tree branch, using it to swing herself back to the ground. She swiftly landed, paws digging into the dirt as she slid. M.J. quickly shifted back into a human in a green puff of glowing mist.

"Woah," Tech gasped. "That was cool...! Will I have an animal form too?"

"If you work hard enough on it," Wolf said. "It'll be a fox. Then, you can dig holes pretty quick and hide in those. Now, M.J., do the hyperjump. You might wanna stand back."

M.J. shifted back into her rabbit form, a strange green and blue glow swirling around her. Her paws and back feet began to glow. Her eyes squinted as she began to dig her toes into the dirt. Blue and green patterns began to form on the dirt below her. With a loud thundering sound, she kicked the ground as she leaped, springing high into the air. A ray of pale blue and green light swirled as she flung for the sky.

They waited for a few seconds.

All of a sudden, down came M.J. with a loud thump, the ground roaring as her feet hit the Earth. A wave of force swept over them, causing Tech to stumble back. M.J. stood there for a few seconds, regaining her strength.

"Very well done!" Wolf said, clapping. "That's her strongest move. One day, when you've done something great in life here, you'll earn your power move."

"How can you earn one?" Tech asked.

"It takes a lot of work," Wolf yawned. "If you do something that has a big impact for good, you'll get your move. I have one, but I can't use it now. I don't want to deafen you where you stand."

"That'd be bad..." Tech replied with a sigh.

"Also, M.J.," Wolf barked, muzzle pointing at the rabbit, who was currently shifting back into her human state, "this is Tech. She fell through the ceiling from an attack."

M.J. said nothing.

"She'll get used to you. It takes time. She's got some trust issues because... bad times. She's in the Workers class, and they can be antisocial sometimes."


"What is it now, Merrin? Need my help once more, hmmm?"

An anthropomorphic wolf sat on a tall rock, wearing nothing but a pair of gray shorts to cover parts of his black and green furred body, leaves tangled in his pelt. Around his wrists were cuffs and a clover staff leaned against the rock. He propped one of his legs on top of the other, a grin stretching across his muzzle.

"Shut your mouth, King," Merrin hissed, tail tip flicking. "I only have a request."

"Where are your two human friends, kitty?" King chuckled, pointing at the felikine. "Too scared to bring them?"

"Silence, you stupid wolf creature! Let me talk," Merrin snapped in response. "I need you to go find someone for me."

Merrin crossed his arms. "She's with the two humans back at the camp," the felikine meowed. "She fell through the ground at the Beast Caves by the bay." When he said this, King put a hand over his chest, paw pads brushing over the place where his heart thumped.

"My god! You know nobody wants to go in there!" King barked, ears falling back. "We could send my bro"

"No, no, not HIM... He'd cause too much trouble... like you! What about the other one? Ghost felikine person, what's her name? She's related to the Timetrapper family."

"You mean Soundwave?" Merrin nodded in response to King. The wolf let out a yawn, making a popping noise with his lips. "Oh... I'll get a hold of her when I can to go scavenge your friend out. Or, I could just-"

"King, you ain't going in there. You'd chicken out, because the only way to get down there is from getting attacked by a cavebeast. I'm gonna go back to the camp now." King waved as Merrin turned tail and began to head back, running on all fours with his tail swaying in the air like a ribbon. The wolf chuckled, slipping off the rock and grabbing his clover staff.

When Merrin got back to the camp, he walked to Dusty and Taylor, who were sitting on the dirt ground, playing with two felikine kittens with the mother watching.The other felikines had went back to their appropriate dens dug into the walls of the large pit. "My friend is sending one of the other felikines to go find your friend," Merrin meowed, standing bipedal when he approached. "Her name is Soundwave."

"What does she look like?" Taylor said, brushing the white fur of a young felikine's head.

"Well, she's part of the Timetrapper family. She has dark brown fur and an orange underbelly and yellow paws, all four of them. She's got a bunch of black stripes on her tail and deep green eyes. You can tell her family line because of the mark on her forehead, a circle," Merrin described.

"If I see her, I'll catch up with her," Taylor replied.

A scuffling noise distracted the three, the two young felikines leaping up and running back to their mother. She coaxed her children back into a nursery den, covering the entrance with roots that hung above the entrance. The sound turned into a rumble, and out of the camp tunnel came a green and black figure.

"KING!" Merrin spat. "How many times have I told you NOT to come in here?"

"Hey, hey, you haven't told me to stay out yet," King chuckled, tail swaying. "Soundwave said she'll check with us. Talked to me via the walkie-talkies. Also, those things smell like death itself... Your two human friends will have to meet her at the two-face cat statue near the shore and the caves."

"Who is that?" Taylor said.

"That's King," Merrin said, giving the wolf a cold glare. "A lionhearted goof who tries to be the best... bit of a joker. And he's annoying. He'll be accompanying you two when you go to the shore again."

"Be careful!" someone called, a light voice that came from the nursery den. Merrin smiled and turned to King, expression twisting into a serious frown. "Show them the caves again, and don't fall through or disturb any creatures there. Find Soundwave as well... do that first. She's the only one who can disarm those terrible creatures for good."



wip because I'm lazy

I am accepting characters into the story if you're interested. I don't have a set date to stop the entries yet, but when I do, I'll update this. It'll be a while though, so there's plenty of time.

Here are the things you'll need to have in the description:


-Description (appearances)


-Weapon (not too overpowered though)

-Power item (an item that you wear or possess that gives you powers.)

-Any sort of power without the power item

-OPTIONAL: Any other information you think I might need to know

ALSO: If you have any ideas for what happens later in the story, comment! Yes, some characters will be killed off, RIP. Thanks yeah

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