Author Note: So sorry if this is bad! It is my first story! Warning: There is blood.

It was a normal day, I was quite bored so I went on Animal Jam.

I teleported to Serapia Forest, I checked to see if any jammers were around. There was a jammer called Rosy Fancypuppet, she was sitting near the fireplace. I went up to her and said "hi", she replied and said "Oh, hello there".

She then buddied me, I said Yes to the request.

Then, I said "Um what do you wanna do?'.

Rosy said "let's go trolling!".

I said "sure, let's do the, 5 wasted minutes of your life troll".

She said "that sound like fun let's do it!".

We had a ton of fun doing the troll, I thought I will probably get along with her very well.

A few weeks later, we were chatting about some stuff. She then said something very odd, she said "Prepare to die."

Suddenly couldn't control my animal anymore. My animal said "Beware, Rosy is dangerous!". Then I got logged off my account and then my screen turned black.

I was creeped out. Then another message pops up and said We're Friends Forever!

Then, my computer screen turned back to normal. I was on Animal Jam loading screen. When it finish loading, the building in Jamaa Township was wreck. I went to my den and I saw all of my buddies dead. I was frighten then Rosy Fancypuppet was behind me. She said "I didn't want you to talk to anyone but me, so I killed them". I said "Your a monster!", then she stabbed my animal in the stomach with a knife. She then pulled the knife out, blood was dripping from her knife.

My animal couldn't move. Rosy said "You can't go any where now we're friends forever and ever! no matter what". I tried to get out of my seat but for some reason, I couldn't get out of my sit, it was like I was glued to it.

I then looked at my screen and I was not at my den, I was in Rosy den. My animal was dress in full black, I noticed my animal was sitting . Their was a table in front of my animal.

Then I saw plushies, some of their parts was ripped out and their eyes were pure red just like blood. I saw behind my animal, Rosy. She said "Welcome to my tea party".

She then said "What do you think?", I said "Bad, I really hate your tea party". After I said that I think made Rosy very upset.

I suddenly got teleported back into my den. Rosy was right in front of my animal and said "its alright, I forgive you cause, we are friends!". I said "No we are not". Rosy then looked to the ground then she look at me again, her eyes turned bloody and everything around my animal was bloody.

I tried to exit but it won't let me. Then my screen turned black and then something pops up. It was Rosy's animal, the animal was smiling very creepily.

Rosy said "you can't escape little girl, once you made friends with me, you can't leave" in a creepy tone.

I am now stuck with Rosy forever....

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