PK's Note; Please not the War Jester is TOTALLY OOC in this story and is not how she acts at all. *DISCLAIMER* I did not make this story (only made the War Jester her/himself), I just wanted you to know.

Yeah, this was written before the War Jester's character was developed, and the reason it doesn't match up with PhoenixKrystal's. ~Pikalil

Mythical was resting from the last few days. His tea was mint and everything seemed okay. But he, taking another peek at his book, said, "Yeah, I know you're out there." He got out of his armchair


and went outside. Maybe they weren't out there, Mythical thought. Of course, everything that did happen a few days ago sapped almost all of his energy out. He fell to the ground, tired.

"Aaaaaaaaaay! Wake up, ya' bum!" A voice emitted from above. Mythical opened his eyes and saw the squat legs of an otter. "Why are you always sleeping when I find you?" The voice, of course, belonged to the War Jester.

"You're the bum!", Mythical shot back. After his years in Jamaa, he couldn't keep the Isles accent that the War Jester had decided to imitate ever since they've met. Still facing down, Mythical tried to paw at the War Jester's tiny legs.

"Aaay! Ay! Stop that!" ,War Jester paused. "Just go to my den. Alright?" Mythical wasn't so sure about this. Last time, they broke in the Sol Arcade, stole all of the plushies and were caught by the police. That terrible ordeal in jail lasted three days. The War Jester bailed them out by recycling all of the plushies and said there was no evidence they did that. The broken window said otherwise.

Mythical gave in, "Okay, just don't provoke the police." The War Jester, presumably left and went to it's own den. All was left to follow it. Mythical went in and saw something that really captured his eyes. A beautiful, red, shiny car! He rarely saw one. They were just so scarce. "What are you going to do with it?", Mythical couldn't help asking.

"Aah, that will be answered later. Just go in, and I'll start it." Mythical, so enchanted by the car, actually obeyed. The controls seemed so.. complicated. How would the Jester start it if he just bought it? He snapped out of his enchantment. The Jester probably couldn't even drive it! But he was already in the car, starting it. "Vroom, vroom, eh, Mythical?", the War Jester asked. But he couldn't hear the question because the sounds the car made drowned it out. "No answer. Alright. We're going!"

The car drove out of the den, and into Town Central. The War Jester found a party that was only for fabulous people. They were fabulous, so they could go. Everybody would love the new car. But first, he transformed it into a carriage, adding more to the screams of nearby Jammers. Mythical was just very confused.

Chapter 2. You Don't Seem Very Classy (updated 1/3/2015)

The War Jester opened the door of carriage, motioning Mythical out. Instead, sick with dizziness, Mythical fell off the steps and landed into a platter of barbecued shrimp. "Hey!", somebody shouted. "You don't seem very fabulous!"

"Now, sir, we can settle this with dignity. I can assure you we are fabulous with my fab badge.", War Jester smiled and pulled out a cardboard attorney badge. "You see, that is 100% a fab badge, right? You wouldn't be fab if you didn't know what that was."

The wolf looked a little closer. "Umm.. yeah! That is a fab badge! That is totally a fab badge!", he chuckled, unsure of himself.

"Can I see your fab badge, now? You know, these are just precautions. We wouldn't want somebody unfab to be dining here, right?" The Jester elbowed Mythical in the side.

"Y-yeah! Just precautions! We have to be actually fabulous, don't we?", Mythical repeated.

"No, no, no. You see, I have the seal of approval given to me by the Fab Government or FG and I don't have to carry around my badge because of it. Actually, I left it back in my den.", the wolf replied, internally screaming.

Onlookers started shouting. They felt threatened by somebody who had an actually fab badge. They had to get these people out. Phrases like "You have to be approved by the FG to go to this party!" and "Get out!" traveled to the Jester's and Mythical's ears.

"Oh, I guess we're not welcome here then. These people are bums.", War Jester said coldly. "Let's go, Mythical. We're gonna try and get the Seal of Approval."

Mythical, while being dragged to the carriage, mouthed 'help me.'


"Jester, the FG isn't real. How are we going to get that seal of approval?" War Jester put on it's sun glasses, letting the wind blow his cape around.

"What most people don't know is, that it actually is. My badge may be fake, but that doesn't mean the seal is. I read one of your books once. It was about the FG and how to get to the FG palace. I know it isn't fake. I tried to get there after reading about this and it worked, even though I never actually went in the palace. I just stayed in the courtyard.", it answered.

"My book? War Jester, what was the title? Because I've read all of my books and I know that not one of them were about a 'Fab Government'.", he added, "How do you even get to the palace?"

"You have to have 3 unreleased items. I don't remember the title, but I do know that it said that you have to have 3 unreleased items and do a ritual with them."

"That sounds a bit dangerous, doesn't it? A ritual? That's really vague. And besides, to get those, we have to explore the Forgotten Desert. I'm not even a member, let alone an eagle."

"Yes, I know that Mythical, but I know some things you don't. Can you still do magic, Mythical? We'll need it for a potion to do this."

"Simple magic. Just that. Very simple magic."

"That's fine. Oh! We're at our stop!" The War Jester jumped out of the carriage and transformed in back into a car. "This is a witch hut. You can rarely find these here in Jamaa, but these witches will help you with potions and all that."

"I don't like witches. They burned down my house. I really don't like them. Please don't make me go."

"We are going.", War Jester started dragging him along the trail once again. "Here we are."

"Jesty!", Mythical heard a voice that resembled a crackling fire. "Jesty! What are you here for now?" What had the Jester been doing after the years of the war? Mythical hoped those things he did were good.

"Hi Fae. We need a potion for membership and an eagle."

"That's fine! Did you get the magic for it, though?"

"Yep, this is Mythical. He can do simple magic."

"That's fine. I'll start brewing the potion. Just wait." The witch ironically named Fae went back inside the hut.

"Why are you making me do this, War Jester? I hate wi-"

"SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Fae is sensitive, Mythical. Don't offend her. Okay?"

"Oh that's quite fine. Yeppers. I'm done. All we need is the magic.", Fae pointed at Mythical cowering behind the War Jester's back, even though everybody could see him.

"O-oh! O-okay. W-what should I do?", Mythical asked Fae and the Jester.

"Just cut open your finger. We need your magic blood.", Fae smiled.


"We just need a drop of blood. Sorry, he's a rude one, eh, Fae?

"Yes", she sniffed. "Yes, he is."

CHAPTER 4. Bloody Jamaa

Fae had made the potion and Mythical had a very bloody finger. But he also had a eagle and a membership. The Jester took one look at him and said,"Now you can buy the bandages for your finger!"

".......My finger hurts."

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