I'm not too good at writing stories, so ive decided to make a page just of recalling my dreams. so basically, this page is kinda like a dream journal anyone can read if they feel like it

I had this dream really recently.

so I was at my cousins house, and suddenly one of my adult teeth fell out. so I went in the bathroom and four more of my teeth just fell out. I looked in my mouth with the mirror, and my back teeth had like three rows of teeth. so then me and my cousin teleported to this weird place with a bunch of people. my sister was there and for some reason the kardashians were there... so anyways, somebody called a dentist. the dentist came, and he was one of my teachers from school. so he looked at the five teeth that had fallen out, and they had blue stripes on them. so he got this little bowl of water and put the teeth in them. then he put these pink foot shaped things in the water. and he was like: "have you been using these foot shaped things lately?" and I'm like: "no I'm sorry I used to but they don't fit me anymore" then he started to criticize me for not just getting new ones that fit. then I woke up.

I had this dream recently as well

once, again I was at my cousins house. and for some reason, to get me back home, me and my cousin had to take a plane there. even though its a fifteen minute drive to my house... so then, my aunt didn't come with us. so me and my cousin had to walk to the airport. once we got there, there was a movie theatre nearby so we went there and stole all the popcorn. then we went to a random casino and lost the money for the plane tickets. so we had to make money somehow. for some reason, I had my viola with me, so I started to play it. some people gave us some money. then a police officer came and arrested us for doing it without a permit. then the dream ended and I woke up.

I had this dream in like second grade

so I was sitting in the dining room on the laptop, and I heard a weird noise. (in real life it was my dads alarm clock) so I look to the side of me and there a HUGE beetle just sitting there. it was as big as my head. then I screamed and woke myself up.

I remember two dreams from last night, this is the first one,

So, it was like the first day of school, but I was at a different school than my own for some reason. so, I didn't know anybody. then this girl with light brown hair walked up to me and said hi, and we immediately hit it off. in real life, I usually have to get to know somebody quite a bit before I stop being shy around them. but in this dream, I was super outgoing around her, even though I had just met her. so, I invited her over to my house. then we teleported there. we went upstairs, and in my parents room, my sister and like 5 people were just standing there. so we just went to the room I share with my sister. then, it was kinda like a montage. first, it showed us hanging out, around the age I am now, then a few years older, a few years older, and so on. then it showed us adults, still being best friends. finally, it showed me, probably in my seventies, at a funeral. I was standing by the body with tears rolling down my cheeks, and it was the girls body.

kay, so this is the second dream I had last night.

so, I was in this weird arena thing with water in the middle, and people were sitting in bleachers that were all around the water. everything looked as if it were in minecraft, except the people. the only people who did look minecrafty or whatever, were me and this guy. also I saw blossom from the powerpuff girls in the bleachers.. so anyways, there were like two teams of swimmers, and I was on the team with the other guy who looked like they were from minecraft. oh, and to anyone who watches minecraft diaries, the guy obviously represented aaron, but he didn't look exactly like him. so anyways, the people that were on teams started to just swim practice swimming in the water. I was swimming next to aaron, and we were talking, but I didn't hear the conversation. then, the two teams separated, and got behind starting lines. then, Teony, (another character from mimecraft diaries,) was holding a green flag and waved it, then everybody started swimming, irl, I can barely swim at all btw, so. I swam underwater, but when I tried to come up, the water was pushing down on me. I kept trying to get to the surface, all I could see was a blurred vision of Aaron and Teony above the water looking down at me. then, I guess since I was having a sensation of drowning, I jolted awake.

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