The following is from a journal recovered in Sarepia Forest.

Day 1

Hello, whoever is reading this. I've decided to take a short hike/camping trip in the forest. I'm doing this alone, since nobody really wanted to come along. Nothing really happened today, I set up camp, started a fire, and finally went to sleep. The strangest thing is that I felt like being watched, and saw a deer antler beyond the forest trees. The problem is, deer aren't very common in the area.

Day 2

Today's gone horrible. All my food is missing. I can't get out of the woods. I know there's an end, it's like time and space itself are against me. The deer antlers. They keep popping up. I have water, but that will only prolong my suffering. I got a clear look of that dear thing... It's head is just a skull. It appears to be bipedal. The rib cage is exposed. The rest is just brown, matted fur. I'm seriously horrified.

Day 3

I... NEED FOOD. I just want a taste of SOMETHING. It doesn't even have to taste good, just sink my teeth into something. The antlers, they keep popping up. My head feels strange and I don't know what's going on. I hope the sweet release of death arrives soon. I'd do anything for food. I don't care if I had to sink my fangs into another wolf's flesh. I just want to taste something.

Day 4

I found another today... Another wolf. I was just... so hungry. The antlers. They're everywhere. Every time I look somewhere, I see those cursed things. I need more food. Maybe eating others isn't so bad... Why does society even repress it? Besides, I rule over these woods now. None shall give me orders. Anyways, I feel something sprouting from my head, and my fur is getting rather matted. I guess this is goodbye.


This journal was found near a camp with numerous pieces of flesh hung up on trees. The flesh was identified as wolf. Near the camp, there's been sightings of a creature. It's a wolf, but is bipedal. Its head is a deer skull. It's covered in brown matted fur. These have often been compared to The Wendigo Legends of Native America.

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