Hello, my name is Expert Magicwolf, an arctic wolf. I have recently quit the MMO game Animal Jam because of strange happenings. Beware of the user Chief Majorspirit, I will not give his username out for privacy issues, If you would like to ask questions about this strange happening, ask the user Ljammerost, he'll happily explain it.

It was a friday afternoon, the day almost every happy jammer logged into the very popular online game, Animal Jam. There was a jammer. Not rare, but not unrare. That jammer was me. I was just doing the normal stuff, trading and reporting scammers, you know. I was just about to trade when I saw someone saying "just got scale plz gift me if ur the nicest person in the world" I i exited my trade just to report them for scamming, so I clicked report, but instead of the normal options there were "WHAT", "DO", "YOU", "THINK", "YOU'RE" and "DOING" I was genuinely creeped out, knowing it was not a glitch or hack. I logged off AJ, disabled my account so i couldn't get hacked or anything, and went to sleep. My dream was of the scammed player, but this time he scammed me and said "nice knowing you, Expert" I woke up after that, it was 7:06 AM, my family was awake. I enabled my account, and went on AJ. My friend was on and I told him about what happened he said "Call AJHQ" Here is my conversation.

"Hello uh I would like to report a bug or glitch"

"Yes, what is this bug you are talking about"

"Well, there was this person who said to gift them and that they were just scammed, when I went to report them the only options were what, do, you, think, you're, and doing"

"Looks like I've got some explaining, When we were in the beta testing period, there was an item, the skully, you've probably heard of it, well our former employee Nick Kalistein designed that item, it was the most proud he'd ever been. When he found out it was removed, he deleted records of his name from AJHQ and left a note on everyones desktop "I WILL GET REVENGE, EXPERT, YOU ARE MY NEW VICTIM" We thought he was joking, but it looks like he's taking his anger out on you. Any damages to you or your in-game account we will fix, or pay for"

I wonder what she meant by any damages to me.

I remembered just then, ever since I saw him I've been hearing this lovely tune. Its drums, but instead of loud rock, its lovely

Well then, thats my story, if anything strange ever happens again ill keep you updated.

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