What Has Gotten Into Me?-An Animal Jam Story

Once upon a time, there was a dragon in Animal Jam. He had flaming red scales with a yellow belly and black spikes, and very large and powerful wings. However, he was a very clumsy flier.

Many Jammers had different thoughts on him. Some would gasp in awe at the fact that he was a dragon, yet some others would glare and snicker about his clumsy flight skills.

The dragon's name was Sabia. A lot of Jammers had problems with him. He was rude for no reason, and very infuriating. Yet he was very quiet about it. Whenever someone tried to talk to him or ask him questions, he would simply ignore them.

Yet there was just one question. Just one question that made him rage and he would roar ever so loudly at the asker. His last line would be, "Don't dare say a thing to me again, or the end is near." And then the next day, the avatar would mysteriously disappear.

Sabia was created by a hacker. He was originally made to terrorise, yet the hacker messed up in his plans and the dragon came out very quiet and angry when he needed to. Yet he somehow managed to make him indestructable.

One faithful day, the dragon was flying through the skies, a bit wobbly. It was the first time in 2 decades that he had flown so beautifully. But thunder was rolling, and it was pouring rain. A bolt of lightning accidentally struck him and he went crashing down to the ground. He landed in the Temple of Zios.

The lightning bolt wound didn't affect him that much. He began to stomp around, there wasn't a lot of Jammers around, considering the pouring rain. The dragon suddenly looked down, his amber eyes wondering over the ground. He saw a non-member, old-looking wolf with a lei and worn blanket. Her name was Old Berrybelly. Or, Oldbelly.

"Why are you a dragon?" That was the first thing that came out of her mouth. The dragon immediately raged, and he brought down his claws on her. Instead of smashing the ground, he smashed both the Jammer and the ground!

Oldbelly was brutally slaughtered, her blood was gushing out into a stream already. What has gotten into me? The dragon asked himself. Then it got him! Sabia realised that the lightning bolt that struck him must've given him strange new powers. He turned around and began to walk away, but out of the corner of his eye, he spotted something shimmering...

He turned to the dead body of Oldbelly, and the glimmering object was getting brighter and brighter when he walked closer.

He picked up the mysterious item. It was a small, shiny gold ball, no bigger then a golf ball. It was so shiny.. So desirable..

One of Sabia's biggest downfalls were greed. He scooped up the gold ball and his eyes sparkled, a string of drool ran down his cheek from his lips.

Suddenly, a burst of magic blasted inside Sabia. Light consumed him, and he felt his short, stubby claws grow into vicious and long talons, and his teeth turned into big, sharp fangs. He dropped the gold ball and it sunk into the ground. His heart flipped to the other side. Sabia cackled menacingly. He had murderous intentions now, and his ruthless mind demanded him to... kill.

One day, a man named Harry Piesley logged onto Animal Jam. He was a hacker, and in fact, he was the one who hacked the staff and created Sabia the dragon. 

Harry humbly sipped his warm coffee as AJ dropped him off as Jamaa Township. He frowned. Something didn't seem right to him. There was a big red dragon with a yellow belly, black spikes, and amber eyes rampaging and slaughtering all Jammers. He squinted his eyes and gasped in shock. The very dragon he created! He burst out laughing. This dragon, finally doing his dream. His eyes gleamed brightly.

Harry made his wolf avatar walk up to Sabia the dragon, and yelled out to him, "Hey! I created you! I'm a hacker who made YOU! You're doing my dream!" He did the dance action.

However, Sabia blinked in shock. "WH-WHAT? I'M NOT... BORN? I'M... MADE BY SOMEBODY? THIS IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER DISASTER!!!!!!!!!" Sabia used his destructive claws to slice Harry and cut his body in half. 

Harry Piesley gasped in shock. His screen turned red. He glared at his computer, and grabbed it, throwing it out the window to nextdoor's yard.

Meanwhile, in Jamaa Township, the Alphas themselves had took immediate action. They shattered the gold ball that corrupted Sabia and used their power magic to smash him into a billion pieces!

However, after the Alphas left, there was a glowing spot on the ground of Zios. A shimmering little spot where something mysterious lies underground...

(C) Fluttershy The Animal Loving Dreamer

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