Hey guys! It's been too long since I posted a comedic story. Well, let's see how this goes! ~CatQueen who is the Queen Cat and Queen of Cats and should be ruler of Cat Land.

Magical Arcticfox was cooking up a nice fruit cake. She wasn't even following a recipe, so she was just tossing in bits and pieces, hoping it would turn out alright. It was fun and peaceful until... Knock knock! Magical padded to the door and opened it. "Yes?" She said politely to the stranger.

The stranger- a bright orange wolf- asked: "Do you have any oranges? I need some oranges for my tomato sandwich."

Magical gave him a strange look. "Orange and tomato..? Anyway, no, I don't." She closed the door and headed back to her fruit cake.

It was fun and peaceful until... "Yoo-hoo!" Magical dropped her spoon and headed to the source of the voice. It was her neighbour who was leaning on the fence- Snobby Sparkle.

"Yes?" She asked with forced politeness.

"I just came to complain about the state of your orange tree!" The peach and orange Arctic Wolf exclaimed. "It's gotten so large and is shadowing my pool! And you haven't even picked the oranges from the tree in ages, so I suggest you use it or chop it down!"

After mumbling a submissive apology, she picked some oranges and went back to her fruit cake.

She popped the fruit cake in the oven and picked up her poodle. Magical was having fun until... Knock knock! She opened the door, still holding the poodle.

Her other neighbour sobbed: "M-my dog is about to die and I-I need oranges because my dog loves oranges and-" Magical, who was started to get sick of the interruptions, exclaimed:

"Here, have a new one!" and practically threw her poodle at him. With a sigh, she ran back to the kitchen after slamming the door.

She was having a good time until... Ring ring! "What now?" She groaned, but picked up the phone. "Yes?" "Hello, we are the Orange Tree Insurance Corporation." What the heck? "We see that your orange tree is not insured! Would you like to insure it for 100 dollars a day to protect your tree from meteors?" Just then, a meteor landed on her tree, crushing it.

"No thanks. I'm good." She replied, hanging up.

Knock knock! Ring ring! "Yoo-hoo!"

Magical took the deepest breath she had ever taken in her life, then: "WHAT NOW?!" All yelling, knocking, and ringing ceased. Then the timer for her fruit cake went off. With a sigh of relief, Magical opened the oven and the oven exploded.

Knock knock! Ring ring! "Yoo-hoo!"

Oh, great.

The end! I hope you enjoyed this little story, please comment!

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