Hello. Happywolf here.

The way this page functions is

I type up a scenario

and then you can edit in how you could react.

After there are at least 4-6 responses, I will ask a new question.

Like this:


[Your username]: [What you would do]



Happywolfpuppy: Moo??

ALSO, you can add a scenario, but you must wait for the current to have at least one response, and you can't change other people's responses and scenarios.  If the current doesn't have any response for a week, just ask me for permission and most likely, I'd

.Sey yeS.

Bear Attack!!

'You are walking through the woods with your friends when you run across a bear. The bear notices you and stares at you curiously, before charging at you. One of your buds charges at the bear with a knife. What would You do??   '~Happywolfpuppy

mybunnytoots: I would grab a twig or stone and throw it as far as I could. The bear would be distracted, and meanwhile I would grab my friend and run away before yelling at them for about twenty minutes, then realize that the bear could hear us and pinpoint us if I continued yelling, so then we would both run for the hills (plus, my friend wouldn't draw her knife. She has a sword, so she could draw that instead).

Sealz888: i would run away and my friend o wait i have no inrl friends

ImLonely: I would go after my friend and pull him/her to safety then nope the hell outta there.

TechSaur: I'd find a way to distract the bear, maybe by throwing a stick or a rock as far as I could. When it gets distracted, I'd pull my friend away, find our way back, and probably scold them for having the risk of being killed.

Iluvmy2cats: I would most likely try to stop them, or if I had a gun I'd shoot the bear, though I have nothing against bears, I wouldn't risk a human life.

IM STILL ALIVE: I'd wrestle the bear and demand the knife from my friend. 

Kat2wind2archer: I'd try to distract the bear with something I took along the way and try to get out of there while the bears busy with whatever the distraction was, or if I was to slow (stupid astma which is useless in these scenarios) probably through rocks at it...

Tallshadowleader/Hollytuft: I'd leap on the bear and attack with my friend. We would call the police while we were at it- by making lots of noise to get help. When someone comes, they could take it from there, and we would run away.

Infinity Wolf: Well, it honestly depends on the type.. however, i'll assume it's a black bear. I'd step back, and start yelling. I realize I forgot what the article said to do, and whine in agony as I realize i'm screwed. Then, i'd most likely ask my friend (most likely my mom) to get a tree branch or something like that, and maybe throw rocks at it or threaten it.

The Polar Cub: I would take my friend's knife and drop it on the ground and then feed the bear with some fish.

SweetKawaiiPup: I would RUN.

CJRules123: I'd grab a knife and stab it with all my might. My friend will run off.

Happywolfpuppy: I'd grab my friend and run for the hills, maybe throw my coat to distract it.


'   Whoops!!  You've been kidnapped by a few masked men.  One has a knife, one has a gun, and the other has an angry dog.  You're in a dark room somewhere in the middle of the desert, and you've been stripped of your phone, knives, weapons, and supplies.  The only thing you have is your clothes and a tiny pet rat.  What would you do??  '~Happywolfpuppy

mybunnytoots: I look for any kind of exit, then use the rat (which would be a bunny) to chew a way through the lock. If it isn't locked (say, it's a window with bars) I would make the bunny chew through it. I would then take off my clothes and tie them together (who cares if you're naked as long as you escape) and shove the line out the window. Then I would climb down to whatever ground there is and from there, I would run until I found someone to ask directions.

CJRules123: I have my arms, mouth and legs. I can hurt the masked men with them. Bite, Kick, Hit. Scratch until they die!

kat2wind2archer: wow, well then. Middle of the desert and 3 murderers. Well then. I'd probably check to see if the gun is loaded, and by luck it might not be- then i'm safe from one guy, the next guy i'd scare with a 'iluzion knife' (i'm not kidding, I have this knife that 'doesn't hurt you'-it's a iluzion and I litteraly keep it with me at all times, idk why) and the dog... i'd through the pet rat at the dog, maybe sparing a few seconds for me to run. But at the same time i'll have 3 growen men and a dog chasing me through the hot endless desert where I have no idea is located. so or I find someone, (11% luck that I will, minus my amazingly low luck it'll be 7%) so either that or I die 0,0

Sealz888- cry and run and then get lost in the desert and cry and accept my fate.

laceyrocks7: I would use my #amazing marshail arts sillz and knock then out and use the rat to blind the dog BOOM i escaped. Now to eat the rat.

Happywolfpuppy - I would probably just.... uh.... hug my rat and pray that it is some random powerful god or something, too freaked out to move.

Uh.... An Ice Cream Bomb?

You're taking a walk outdoors in a busy city. There are many cars on the road, but few people actually walking. You watch in horror as a random pipe connected to a building explodes sending strawberry ice cream flying everywhere. Somehow, the now-melting ice cream manages to flood the streets, and the pipe continues to gush out cold ice cream. Cars begin to swerve, hydroplaning on the rushing current of ice cream. You manage to hang onto an overhanging tree branch as a car is pushed pass you. As the river of cream roars underneath you, a poor squirrel sweeps underneath you, drowned in the wave of sweet. What would you do? '  '~Happywolfpuppy

Sealz888: Eat it all.

​Fight!  Fight!  Fight!

​You find a dragon in your room.  It is [any color you would like] and takes up the entire room.  How did it get there?  How will it get out?  You don't know if it breathes fire, if it is aggressive, or if it even is a land dragon.  You can use all the tools and resources you can find in your house, but it has to be real and common.

​First of all, what would your dragon look like or be, and what would you do?'  '~Happywolfpuppy


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