What The AJ? A Random Blog Post created by me, Bastion's Bae :3

Okay when we start, I wanna address the elephant in the room. Is it just me, or am I on TOO many websites? Yeah, okay, this is my first post. But I mean, check me out on WattPad! 4 stories, and I joined like, August 2nd. Make's no sense. And then, I'm listening to P!ATD while writing this. Okay, okay. I'm gonna stop blabbing with the random nonsense. Would you like that? Course you would. Anyways, as this headline says: a Random Blog Post. Idk if this is a blog of a story or an article or.... wait. I'm doing it again. I'm rambling. Gotta stop. Really have to. Sorry. Anyway! What The AJ? More like What the heck is this title? Okay I'm seriously running out of ideas for this first post. Noob alert. Oh! Here's something to share with you! Why am I named Bastion's Bae? Well, an epic AJ buddy of course. Sirjamalot. You should seriously check him out. His Bastion cosplay? On point :) Me? D.V.A'S never looked for bad in her whole entire cosplay life. Okay I just changed the song to New Thang. Why the hell am I telling you this? I don't know. Maybe with every new blog post I'll get used to it. I dunno. But here's a gift to everyone whose lasted this long through it: (/*V*)/, some random internet huggie. Okay, I'm a dork. Secret's out. Harry Potter's my bae. Have you guys read the Cursed Child yet? I already ended it this morning, actually. Sorry, I won't spoil. I'm also into... hmm.. Oh! The Maze Runner, Divergent, all that nice stuff. Oh, and Miraculous. Right now I'm OBSESSED WITH MIRACULOUS. Someone please help me. Seriously. I really need help. Cure me of the nerditis. You know, if I get a lot of readers or whatever, and I know I'm not, we can create a nerd army. Get your HP set, your glasses you made out of taking 3D glasses from the movies and popping out the lens, which I did, and follow alongside me! :3 So not going to happen, but... who knows. Let things happen, you know. Alright. Well there's not much more to write... Guess I can show you some speedpaints I made on MSPaint. That's write. (hahahahahha see that joke? Cheesy? Okay.) I have MSpaint. PewDiePie can make fun of it ALL he wants. Once you see these pictures I worked on for 2-3 hours straight, you're gonna be like ''Dafudge?Ermergerd look at dis!'' Okay okay. You're probably not going to be like that... but. Gosh just check them out! So yeah. They're not good. In just noticed one thing. You'll already see the pictures by the time that I started writing. Oops. Well, hope yo enjoyed the first edition of What The AJ?, the blog that has NOTHING to do with Animal Jam. I'm Bastion's Bae, and I'll probably see you tomorrow. Depends. Peace :3

The Three Seassons

Um, it's not good, right?

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