Dark red Mira

tried to make mira dark red.

[My first creepypasta story, no haters or i'll get my flamethrower]

In a normal server

In the jamaa town, there were lots of jammers as usual. But oddly, the diamond shop was missing its accesories and stuff. In the shop was nothing left. Instead of the arctic wolf, there was Mira's statue but the colors being  dark red. In the jamaa town the players were ACTUALLY frustrated and talking everytime about the diamond shop. Plus instead of the mira statue in the jamaa town was greely's statue, and the eyes leaving both a blood tear.

In about 5 minutes later, a message popped up to the all jammers from the TOWN: fugfdgigfifgeuifgweiufgccuce8wgmrueiemwcuegciewgfmggwuwfdsmgwiufwgmigmudmgiwufgurur

That cause the players log off in about 13 seconds.

Adventure DOESN'T awaits

A non-member called Little Tinystar, (a wolf), was ignoring the changes, and went to an adventure together with Gorgeous Braveflower. (both a wolf.) They Joined Return of the Phantoms. While playing, the phantoms' colors were changed into an orange-red-like with cat eyes. Every time when they approached to the phantoms, the phantoms would turn into hearts, but very detailed ones.

Then Gorgeous Braveflower heard a very deep faint noise and a choking sound, then he said:

Little, did you heard that noise?


The grass under braveflower's legs turned black and the trees turned into red. Flower heard the noise yet again. He was heading to the zone where the bunnies were caught in their cages.


The bunnies were in no cages but mutilated and scratched. Blood splitted  everywhere.

Flower's eyes were exploding from what did he saw. He knew this was no animal jam game or something else like that. Then a shadow with an extreme speed and a glitched animation charged in a second  in flower. The screen faded in black and showed two red eyes and a red beak with a very loud sound of screaming.

It stopped, then flower was in a dark cave. The sound in the cave seemed to be a song, it was like:

The cave seemed to be infinite. Until he saw Little tinystar staring at him with black eyes and no pupils. And no animation.  Plus the song stopped. It was silence.

Flower did not say a word.

Behind little, it appeared graham holding Mira's head. But this time mira was not a statue. She was real. A message then with a text appeared: ARIM DETNAW SIHT

Mira wanted this

Flower got a jam-a-gram then. The jam-a-gram was filled with red letters spamming. after he closed the jam-a-gram box, there were bloody heads around every thing, monkey heads, bunny, arctic wolves, eagle, etc. Little with no eyes and graham still there. Again a message with a text appeared:


Then everything changed, flower appeared at the jamaa town. Every jammer was talking about normal things. The diamond shop was now normal like just nothing happened.

However, little was still missing and Graham went missing from ALL adventures. Now flower was having no permission to enter any adventures.


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