Hi... My name is carlosizak

I played as an arctic wolf. I used to be really rich, beta and rare on Animal Jam. My buddy list was always full, and it had many famous users, like Julian2, Lilacpetal, Kosho, and others. I was famous, but yet not like them. I frequently played the Eagle Adventure, and it surprises me how easily you can get rares and betas there. No wonder 2010 players got so mad when it came out. Headdresses, the worshipped rare spikes, tons of beta masks, beta tails, party hats, den betas like pot o' gems, fly trap, blue vines, pink forest walls, unreleased items such as a longbow, neon bow, and gazelles before they came back to the shop (ugh.), all colors of the top hats, glitched items, all beards... Wow... I can't even count how many stuff i got after ten tries.

But, there was something i really liked about AJ. It was full of really dumb kids. "Why do you call them dumb?? That's mean!!!", you ask me. It's because they ALWAYS fell for my scams. It was ALWAYS too easy to scam them. See them crying and begging for their items back was pleasurable. I didn't care, after all, it was just a game. Meanwhile, i got rarer and rarer. People called me idol, sent me rares and even love letters, saying they love me and stuff. Haha. I liked to go through my Jam-a-grams because it was SO funny to see people worshipping me. Every time someone recorded me scamming, my fans would send tons of hate comments on the video saying it was fake. I felt so powerful.

I reached the point to own 6 fake storage accounts, and three of them were used to scam people. I had SO many betas, it started to get interesting. There wasn't ONE beta item I didn't have (or traded away). Then, I got invited to a Trust Trade party by one of my friends. "Great time to scam", I thought. I joined the party right after. My friend didn't know anything about my scamming habit. Then I started to shout out: "TT me to win my black beard!". Wow. I got tons of trades. I mean, TONS. Since the den was almost full, not most of them were rare, and I got some bad trades, like recent Monday Rares and Freedom stuff. Disgusting. Then, it happened. I got a trust trade like this: Red Party Hat, Yellow Rare Wristband, Mira Statue and Rare Rhino. Guess what? I accepted it. Then the person said: "Hey!" I left, and sent them a tie (with my another account of course, so they wouldn't spot me), so they'd think it's the beard and stop shouting out they got scammed. They never found me out.

I never admit I scam, though. AJHQ never stopped me, after all people didn't report me.

Gosh, so many betas. Because of my fame, people always over-traded me. Once, i got offered 2 long collars and one wooden floor for my unwanted trashy Golden Headphones: a rare red and a Diamond Shop one. Not the best i could get, but at least, one more for my collection. They left thinking it was beta or something, they didn't know that day was RIM. 

Then, once, I woke up. It was summer, so I could enter and play AJ as much as I wanted. I still felt a little sleepy, though.

I tried to log in. First, it said "wrong password". Then I tried a second time. Same result. I tried twice and thrice. Then, I tried a last time. It worked. I got tired of my headdress matching my wolf fur, that worn and yellow Lava Glove, so I opened up my inventory to change my appearance. Nothing appeared up. Even though i was dressed, the counter said: "0/200". That means I had NO clothes at all. I couldn't believe. Then, I logged off and on again. It said "200/200". A giant grin occupied my face. Everything was back, so I was fine.


Image gotten from DuchessCuteStar's YouTube video, " ULTRA COOL GLITCH 99999999 GEMS! CRAZY SHOP! ANIMAL JAM".

I checked my Jam-a-grams, and the rare tags said "#3485" (glitch). I pressed F5, many times, but it always said that. The glitch got worse and some of them even lost their rare plaques. I got happy, because if an item only has a rare version and i got a non rare version, it means i'm even MORE rare, because no one has that item. I closed my inventory and opened up the store, and no items showed up, only rare plaques. I had 99,999,999 gems. (Note: this is a real glitch.)

I closed the window and went to Jamaa Township. No users. Weird, cause the server counter indicated the server was full. I checked my buddy list. All of them were offline, and their names were Major Majormajor. When I clicked them, their animals were gray tigers, just like if they were banned forever or stopped playing and didn't log on for a long time. I was like,"Who needs friends anyways?", lol.

Then i jumped from servers like, five times. I got tired of all those empty servers so I went to Aldan, and FINALLY, there were users. I spawned into Appondale. Everybody was laying on the ground, saying stuff like this:

- "No!!! Please!! I regret it!!"

- "You were my best friend... How dare you do this to me!!"

- "I thought I could trust you!!! Please don't do thar!!"


- "Ok, I'll do it, but don't scam, kk?"

I decided to leave that room because they were doing some kind of Anti-Scam party or whatever.

I spawned into Coral Canyons.

No one there.

I tried to go to Jamaa Township, but it was full. Then I kept clicking it and suddenly a window popped up "You were gone for too long and got logged out! Click OK to play again!". I clicked ok. Somehow it wasn't necessary to re-log on, I automatically went to Jamaa Township.

It was, indeed, full. Just like always, "Trading ppl, party invites" and stuff like "Send me gifts it's my bday". Then, I saw: "MY DEN TO A FLASHING PARTY!" I went to it. I yelled "FLASH ME TO WIN BLACK BEARD" and, for some reason, AJ didn't give me a scamming alert for the word "flash".

Then, someone whose name was "AJ" flashed me a Founder's hat for my necklace. It was really fast, but, for some reason, I could see what the item was. I typed: "Hey, nice trade dude! :smiley:". They didn't say a word. I asked "Could you do that again? It can be as long as you want, just give me a sec, brb". I ran my "Auto Accept" hacking program. "I'm back! So, are ya ready?" i said, trying to sound as friendly as I could. Then, they sent me the same trade for 3 seconds. My program auto accepted. I left and sent him a random item to shake em off. Guess what? The item was my black beard.

After entering my den and checking my inventory for any missing item, I noticed I had 5 new jam-a-grams. All of them had gifts attached. I wondered where did they came from; Maybe from fans, or just some glitch. I opened 'em up and, for my surprise and laughter, they all were beards. I didn't even care for my other lost item.

I got teleported to the Adventure Training Camp before i could even close my inventory. Everything was black. Pitch black, and i couldn't see a thing. I thought that maybe it could be my comp screen's light. I kept clicking on places to see where I could get. Then I saw a portal, and entered it. I saw Liza and she told me, just like in the Adventure Tutorial: "Major Majormajor, welcome to #4975 (once more, those random numbers are glitchy and they're supposed to be the code which shows up a phrase). You're here to #1983". I suddenly couldn't control Major (my wolf) anymore.

Liza guided my animal into different rooms i never saw before. Each one of them had two videos. The first video was scam proof. Some had the "Screencast-o-matic"'s website link... But others had AJ's logo. That means somehow AJ recorded it. The second video was IRL footage of the scammed player crying/raging because they lost their hard earned items. In some i could see their parents coming and trying to calm them down.

Then, when we left the last room, Liza said: "Now that we're done with, I have a brief special mission for you: Log on to a different account to get a cool prize. If you don't have one, create one!". I logged in to one of my storages. Liza's bust appeared up and said: "Great! Now, take a look at your clothes to receive your prize!". I did... Everything I had was gone! Even the stuff I earned on The Forgotten Desert..

"Like it? Now for the second surprise!" Liza handed me a mirror. My wolf looked at it. It was a phantom.

My wolf seemed a bit scared.

Liza said, "Haha, you look funny with that outfit! Ready for the third and last prize?"

Liza pointed to a crowd of jammers. They had something in common. They were... happy.

All of them shouted out such words: "I got my items back! Omg I'm so happy!" "Wow, I'm really lucky! :)" "AJ sent me jamagrams with my items omg!!!!!!!" "I got scammed but I got everything back!!!" "My first rare spike!!!  I'll never get scammed again!". The user "AJ" wasn't there.

Then, Liza yelled, "Check your inventory!" It had necklaces, tiaras and ties. Everything I used to scam people was mine again. Not even my gifts were there.

Then suddenly, I got logged into another one of my storages. It had no items. I clicked my friend list and typed my other storages's names. Three of them got banned and the other two had no items.

My computer's screen turned red.

I restarted it and the Animal Jam's website was already there. This time, the alphas looked at me in a furious way. Liza grinned evily.

She logged me into my main account. She looked insane.

She sang "Be a jammer, not a scammer!".

Then, all the other alphas, one by one, said "Be a jammer, not a scammer!"

All the alphas, together, started to sing;

"Be a jammer

Not a scammer!

Scamming is NOT cool.

You think you're smart, but you're the fool.

This thing that you do

Would you like it happen to you?

No punishment for scamming?

You know, that's stealing.

Animal jam, play wild!

You have been a very, very bad child

We're sorry,

but this time

your story, sadly,

has not a good ending... 


The crowd started laughing at me.

Before i got logged off, i could hear Liza's voice, in the middle of all the mockish laughter: "I wish you could stay some more... "

I can't describe how i felt.

I had the idea to try to log in to AJ some months after that. Honestly, I hoped it was all just a nightmare. A startling nightmare.

I was wrong.