have no idea why but, it does resemble this wiki as it being based in a small town, i kinda think this as a small town... but anyways, we don't talk about money, expensive stuff, inaproprate stuff, brag about stuff some of us are just short/small youtubers with only a few subs its place is old and this is feels like home to me, we always take care of each and take cares of each other... joining here is the best thing that ever happen to me, all of you feel like family to me... i think we can all relate to this, you guys are just so nice and being dragged out of the great depression, hopefully we'll be dragged out of the great depression comepletely by my bday will be the best bday present ever :)

Hilltop Hoods - 1955 feat04:29

Hilltop Hoods - 1955 feat. Montaigne & Tom Thum

The song that remind me of here.

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