Okay, hello everyone!

This page is going to contain things you will/might need to create a page!

PG 13 Template

First of all, if your story contains content which isn't suitable for children under 13 years of age, please put this template at the top of the page.


Acceptable swear words are: hell, damn and piss.

Please note: Other swear words which aren't listed above must be censored. However, this doesn't mean you can use loads of major curse words - try and limit them to just a few.

I recommend adding the PG 13 template to stories which contain swear words which aren't hell, damn or piss.

The way to collect this template is by entering edit mode on this page and copy/paste it from there.

Editing Pages

Out of respect, it's best to ask the rightful owner of a page before editing, even if it's just a few grammar mistakes. As most of you are aware of the new users that join everyday, sometimes they think it's cool to vandalize. (Please note I am aware that not ever new user does this, but I have noticed it before.)

All you have to do is leave a simple message on the user's wall asking for permission to edit their page.

Also, whenever you create a page it is advised to leave your username there so people don't have to look through the history to find the owner.

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