A wild Cucco has appeared!! Go, Link!!

What will Link do?

Magic fire dust thingy

Sword Slice

[Throw Pies]

Link Throws Pies.

Cucco's health: Infinity/Infinity

Cucco uses Nothing

What will Link Do?

[Magic fire dust thingy]

Throw Pies

Sword Slice

Link uses Magic Fire Dust Thingy

Cucco jumps into water

Cucco's health: Infinity/Infinity

Wut will Link Do?

Magic Fire Dust Thingy

[Sword Slice]

Throw Pies

Link uses Sword Slice

Cucco's health: Infinity/Infinity

Cucco uses Squawk

Link's health: 0/1

Link has fainted!!

Cucco wins!!

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