Two Annoying Fonts have appeared! What will Shystar (The Author) do?

Bad Puns


[Tomato Rain]

Fencing Skilz

Shystar has used: Tomato Rain!

This has little effect on Bold Font, but Italic font has fainted!

Bold: 420/MLG

Italic: 0/+9000

What will Bold Font use?




Calm Aura

Bold Font has used: Bluntness!

This has no effect on Shystar!

Shystar: 42/Memes

What will Shystar do?

Shystar has used a powerup! Powerup: +10 on Fencing Skilz!

Shystar uses Fencing Skilz!

Bold Font is unamused!

Bold font uses: Crush!

Shystar is frozen in shock of what Bold has said!

Shystar blacks out!

Bold Font is victorious!

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