This is a Claw+Infinity collab and a reboot of the original by Claw.


You may have heard of the proto-phantoms.

They are weak; pets are capable of exploding them for candy with one touch.

But recently a snake gathered intel that the phantoms are making them stronger. Worse. They are capable of chasing down pets, hurting them; killing them, even. They are the bane of pets. The future for pets is unclear. The future for pets is doubtful. 

But there are some pets, stronger than the rest. Ones capable of taking down protos. Ones that can bring hope.  

This is the account of those pets.  

Chapter 1

An albinistic snake grumbled and slid out of her own, small, coiled body. She blinked her bright, yellow eyes and looked over to her brother, which was a melanistic spitting cobra. She huffed and nudged him with her scaly muzzle, and huffed. "Slick! There's a legion of Proto-Phantoms coming for our den!" She hissed in a hushed tone. Her brother jerked awake, hissing and immediately hurrying out of their log den. He snarled and opened his jaws, ejecting his deadly, blinding venom and rushing air out of his mouth. The venom streamed forwards onto a stone. He was half asleep, and his eyelids were still closed. It was simply his reaction and reflexes.. Quickly, Sly slithered over and nudged him fully awake. He became aware of what just happened, and growled. "Sly, why must you continuously wake me up like that?" She snickered, "Well, you'd think you sleep very light.. But surprisingly, it's the opposite!" Slick growled, "What if that was actually the situation, but I thought it was a joke and went back to sleep?" "Well, i'd just wake you up again." His sister replied easily. "There's been a owl hanging around the canopy for awhile now.." Ever since their first ever little 'adventure', they had grown maybe half a foot. They both remembered every single detail. It was the best part of their life so far. "Remember that owl that took care of you during your Disco Fever?" Slick didn't speak. It was also one of the most embarrassing times of his life. "To think you tried to eat her at first.." Sly snickered and playfully shoved her brother. 

Riverlime, or Citrus, as he was called by Patchplum (Frosty), stared out into the horizon. Frosty sat beside him. "We will go out. Soon enough." 


Sly had set down her sword, and was basking in the sun. Slick, suprisingly, wasn't hunting, and staring into the distance suspiciously. "Hey, Slick?" The white cobra spoke up, "What.." Her brother growled, looking to her. "Remember that time we were almost captured to become animals' pets? Man, you really hurt that tiger.." Slick huffed. "Yeah, say what you want.." "You probably blinded him for life at the least!" Sly exclaimed, "I can't imagine where we'd be now.. Probably with a snobby arctic wolf that constantly showed us off, and fed us tiny, frozen mice." Slick actually grinned for once. He seemed to be happy for how much he had helped the two. Each time they had been tried to been caught, they evaded over, and over again. The siblings had become infamous, though were still sought after. Different species of snake were uncommon, and specific species such as the spitting cobra and various adder species were quite rare, as those kinds of snake were not native to Jamaa. Sly nor Slick knew where exactly they came from, but many animals that have tried to catch them suspect a random spitter was brought from a new animal from far away, but they had abandoned the snake, leading it to eventually, over time, gain an egg clutch, but when the snakelets hatched, the land was too unusual and uncanny, that merely two survived. 


Frosty and Citrus were journeying across the tundra, when they saw a flash of light. A blur of white. A cricket and a firefly emerged from a few frozen bushes. Frosty cackled a turkey cackle in surprise and attempted to kick the cricket with her furry boot. There was a lively scuffle, and Citrus finally calmed everyone down and explained to the firefly (Lum) and the cricket (Rwach'i) what they were doing. Looking for pets to assist them in taking down the proto phantoms. Strong pets.  

Because of the lively (more like deadly) scuffle, Rwach'i and Lum had proven themselves. They seemed interested in helping, so they continued to venture forth.  

Chapter 2

Slick peered through the ferns and vegetation with his yellow eyes, carefully waiting for a moment for an unlucky animal to pass by into his range. He waited patiently, and shifted his serpentine body. He had been sitting for about half an hour now, waiting motionless for what seemed to be days. He heard the soft pawsteps of a mammal, and the vegetation rustled~


Rwach'i strayed away from the rest of the party and up a mountain. Lum drifts off sleepily and follows.

Citrus sighed and followed them. Frosty trotted after.

"Rwach'i. Get over here." As soon as the cricket turned around, Citrus pointed furiously at a splash of phantom goo on the snow. "We need to get down before-"


Proto phantoms suddenly emerged from the goo, splitting themselves apart to form more and more of them. Hissing curses, Citrus flung himself at the one approaching him and coiled around it, squeezing tightly until it exploded. Frosty stumbled forward, kicking at the phantoms. She slammed into a rock and spun out of control, exploding some protos. But more and more kept forming.



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