IMPORTANT! If you haven't read Wires, read it now! This tells the full story, but I suggest you read Wires before this.

I'm so sorry that I haven't updated this in FOREVER! After my vacation is over, I promise that I'll update. ^^'

Part One - Message of the Flycatcher

The desert is known to be dry, empty, lifeless. That's what every jammer would say... Well, we think not. We live in the desert, and it's not lifeless. We have a HUGE oasis, some rock formations, some trees, bushes, rocks, dens, food... All we could ask for. Even though it's a struggle to live, we love it. Who are we?

We are sand cats, the tiny felines of the desert plains.

Not many know of our existence. We're often mistaken for kittens of larger cats, but no, we're naturally small. Tiny, small-eared, big-eyed, striped cats of the sands. We're cuter then most felines, too. We're unique in a way. My name is Mojave, named after a desert like my mother, Sahara. Her eyes are red, but mine are pinkish-red. I'm an albino. We live in a community called Tribe Sandus near the big, big oasis. I'm just a kitten, so I can't go in the water yet. I can't go to the big canyon, either. Mom says I'll get hurt if I fall.

I heard my mother call my name. I rushed over to the large sandy-colored rock that she sat on under one of the trees. She patted my head with a paw, pulling me onto the rock by my white scruff.

"Mommy, what is it?" I mewed, my bright eyes shimmering.

"We have received some news about a place called "Jamaa," said to be great..." She slowly said, her ears twitching.

"What about it?" I responded, my tail quickly swaying side to side. I began to grow excited. Maybe we were going to Jamaa!

"This bird named Mira has invited us to Jamaa. There are plenty resources, accessories, items, and dens for each of us." I began to slightly shake, but my mom didn't notice.

"We're going to Jamaa. This is a once in a lifetime chance." I squealed right when she said this, my eyes brightening. "Yaaay!" I loudly squeaked, leaping up and falling. I tumbled in the sand, bumping into one of the adults.

The sand cat laughed, nudging me up. I ran to the other kittens, who were playing around with a dead kangaroo rat.

"Guys! Guys! We're going to Jamaa! There's gonna be food, dens, lots of stuff!" I yipped, bouncing up and down.

"Calm down, girl!" The tiny tom kitten growled. "No need... Wait, we get our own den!?" His eyes lit up. The other sixteen kittens began squealing. Sahara let out a yowl, standing up on the rock. The other sand cats padded over. Our tribe was HUGE! We had so many cats. Maybe we could take down an elephant if we all worked together! I think we have ninety-seven cats. Maybe we have more. The oasis is VERY big. When I say very big, I really mean that it's HUGE. I think it's more of a pond. It's very deep and has plenty of water for all of us, so we have survived for a long time. I scrambled onto the rock beside my mother, sitting beside her back leg, my white fur brushing against hers. She began to speak.

"Attention! We have received a message from the flycatchers. They have told us that Mira, the great bird, has invited us to Jamaa. We will be traveling tomorrow morning right before the sun rises over the canyons. Gather the prey and we will begin moving in a matter of hours."

The cats nodded, some of them cheering, some remaining silent and some meowing. The kittens were practically freaking out, mewing loudly.

I was just as excited, but how would I know what was ahead of me?

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