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The sun's calming rays danced across the ice castle, a few felinoids stirring in nest-like structures made of sticks and feathers on the roof of the ice castle. The clouds that constantly snowed parted into a grid pattern so the light from the rising sun could shine. The leaves on the pine trees rustled, shaking off bits of snow. A dark cyan eagle with a light blue head and tail sat in it's nest on one of the ice castle's spires, preening it's half-frozen flight feathers. "Today is supposed to be a normal day..." It sighed.

The eagle then remembered it had to issue orders, flying inside the castle through an open staircase and landing on what looked to be a massive pile of presents. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Gift-Pile for a Clan meeting!" She cawed, a storm of felines then sprinting down the staircase and lining up in a multi-ringed semicircle at the base of the pile of presents.

A blinding white maine coon entered the castle last, an arctic hare dangling in it's jaws. The new white maine coon put it's caught arctic hare on a pile of various frozen prey corpses in one of the spires, proceeding to sit on a low present in the pile. "Deputy Arcticblaze, you lead four cats of your choice on a hunting patrol." The eagle nodded at the maine coon named Arcticblaze. "Snowyheart, Bluefrost, bring your apprentices with you." Arcticblaze called to some cats in the crowd as he padded towards the exit behind the crowd, a russian blue with tints of light blue and a white persian with spots of darker blue following him.

An orange and white tabby munchkin who looked like he could barely keep his body off the ground and a dark cyan tinted himalayan cat who looked like he had too much fur were already waiting for them. "Shortpaw, we're going on a hunting patrol!" The russian blue named Bluefrost growled to the munchkin apprentice, only pausing for a short while and then bolting when they realized the patrol had already walked out into the forest, not realizing the eagle had issued orders to those back at camp and was flying overhead.

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