Sequel to The Silver Key

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It was an ordinary day. Just your typical afternoon on the Animal Jam Wiki. It was June 4th, 2014, so, due to Summer Vacation, we had more time to interact via the Wiki. I was in a chat room with the other wiki users. Our leader, Gray, was inactive for the week due to a summer camp, so Chief was keeping everyone in check and making sure everything was alright.

"One thing I hate," typed Lunifer, "is when idiotic new users come in, act like they own the place, and mess everything up!"

"Hey!" snapped Demoshita. "I'M a new user. You callin' me an idiot?"

"Yeah, Luni," said Icefern. "Although I totally agree with you, not ALL new users are that way."

"But a good handful of them are," Caspiea replied.

"I understand completely, Lunifer," said Chief. "It's getting annoying and out of hand."

"And with the new spotlight..." I shook my head in real life. "But we must keep in mind, many of these are either trolls or alts."

Roadhawk then proceeded to say: *Maims all alts*

"Whaaaa, why did you do that to my ALLLTTTTT," said Ice.

"Poor Firepaw," I started.

"That almost means he killed Quail," said Lilypop, giving me the tease emoticon.

"Oh...HECK no..." I said, then responded by virtually blowing up Road and reviving the alts.

"Exdee, Puppy, Exdee," said Universal.

Suddenly, someone said, "Code 13920818 Error Xf29"

It wasn't a simple someone. Their profile pic was dark, just a simple black box, and the user had popped from no where; we didn't see the message saying he/she joined chat. The problem is, it didn't even show a username. Just a blank space where the Username is supposed to be, and a black box as a profile pic.

"Umm...can we help you?" asked Chief.

Then, the Mysterious User said, in a different font than the one normally used for chat: "Your help is rendered useless. Your blood shall be what remains." "Um...excuse me?" I said.

"Death shall be upon you, and I will be sure I see to it!"

"Listen, dude, don't know what kind of trolling you're trying to pull--" started Roadhawk.

"Oh shaddup noob," snapped Flaming, interrupting Road's virtual speech. "You don't even have a username, plus that's the worst profile pic I have ever seen. And extreme trolling is my job, idiot."

"It is," agreed Avalon.

The Mysterious User was silent for a bit. Suddenly, Lilypop said in all caps, "HELP! HE WANTS TO DESTROY ME!"

"Caps," warned Ice.


"Please easy on the caps, and what the--" started Dia.

"Oh shaddup about capital letters, would you?" said Mango. "You can't even excuse it for death threats? I got a PM saying the same thing!"

Suddenly, I got a notification  for a PM, and the Mystery User as the one who sent it. I clicked it, and screamed as I read:

Call yourself a Chat Moderator, staff. You think you have what it takes. You've got will, girl, capability. But, my dear child, that will be useless very soon. Expect your blood to be splattered on the walls, no one left to mourn you, and one being standing over your corpse. And, child, it shall be no peaceful or harmless or quick death. Enjoy your last bit of time left.

Many users reported the User for threatening PMs.

"Alright, User, that is it. We've gotten too reports of your harassment," I said. I scrolled over to kick and/or ban...

Then realized he didn't come up on the Participant List.


The Mystery User replied:

Pity, children, think you can simply rid of me like that! No, it is not that simple, and will never be that simple. I come and go as I please, and in this case, I wish not to leave, well, not yet anyway. I hope you ALL have gotten word of the message I have shared to you, and I shall be staying to make sure it is in your heads.

Suddenly, the User's profile picture, as shown on the previous message, changed. Flashed quickly. I was able to catch glimpse of a girl, lying down, covered in blood and a wound on her neck. I instantly recgonized the girl as Chief, after seeing her when we went on the "Silver Key" adventure (which was actually just a website. We were so enraged by it that we never even VISITED the site after that). I shrieked. How'd he get that picture? Chief cried, "WHAT?!"

Then, it changed to another picture. Roadhawk, his head twisted awkwardly, eyes and mouth still open.

I almost threw up.

Road made the O-O face.

More users flashed--and then the got to me.

My face was bloody, hair a mess, dagger in my heart, blood splattered all around.

I screamed long and hard. My mother was out for the day--and half of me wished she wasn't.

"ENOUGH!" said Klint. "This is outrageous and unnecessary. We don't know who you are, but you are asked to end this immediately."

The User was silent, then said, Oh, Boo-Hoo, the users cannot take the truth. Prefer to live under a lie, such an unwise fib where you can continue to be naive? Do as you wish, but know that the truth is the truth nonetheless, and what's coming is what's coming."

Suddenly, I got a PM, saying it was from Chief. I clicked on it.

"So--did you guys get this?" she asked. A Group PM. Diamond, Road, Dep, Klint, Ice, Hurricane, Universal, Caspiea, Nunya, and I all confirmed. All the ranked users--excluding Gray. Out of ALL the weeks for this to happen, it HAD to be when he was inactive?

"So, are we discussing this, thing?" asked Deputron.

"No," said Chief. "Well, at least, not here. Too dangerous to remain in chat--or even this wiki--any longer. Meet at Meeting Shack--the one used for finding the Key, and apparently Avalon's dream, from what I heard,--and we'll discuss this there. Admins and Chat Moderators only."

"Alright, Chief," we said.

"Now logout immediately, and I will PM the others to do the same."

I scrolled over to close my window--but the X button was gone. I tried minimizing but that command was useless. It wouldn't let me create a new tab.

A cold shiver went down my spine, and in instinct I unplugged my computer.

I leaned back in my chair, running my face down my hands, trying to maintain sanity. Finally, I took a deep breath.

Looks like we were up for another adventure.

Chapter 2

I made it to the Shack 3 days later. I swung open the door.

Apparently, "Admins and Chat Moderators" also included nosy users poking their noses in classified business, in other words, Flaming, Avalon, Conchi, Elise, Lilypop, Summer, Mango, Boss, and Cody.

"Ohai, Puppy!" said Cody, waving.

Roadhawk put his face in his hands.

"Um..." I started, but Chief put her hand up to silence me.

"Don't ask."

She stood up. "Hello, CMs and Admins--and other users--as you may already know, we are gathered here to discuss this of this mysterious user."

"I'm pretty sure its a virus," said Hurricane.

"Doubt it, what, viruses are self-aware now?" asked Road.

"Well, it could be controlled...I believe...depending on the TYPE of virus..." said Universal.

"I doubt it."

"I'm quite sure someone hacked into Wikia," said Klint. "Possibly as a virus."

"Ohmygosh..." said Lilypop. "But he was making death threats too! Like he knew us!"

"Hm...interesting," said Universal, thinking.

"What did your PMs say?" I asked, sitting down.

"Mine: You believe you have this wiki under control, with your precious leader away for a while. Think again, dear girl, your Leadership will not be as easy as you can ever dream it could be." Chief shook her head.

"Hmm...they knew Gray was out," said Caspiea. "Well, mine was, 'You render yourself strong, wise, incable of child, you have yet to learn.'"

"Mine: Intellect will get you no where, ability useless. In the end, there will still be a knife in your throat, blood staining the floor. You cannot and will not escape," Road said, obviously trying to hide how shaken he was.

I looked up, and repeated mine: "Call yourself a Chat Moderator, staff. You think you have what it takes. You've got will, girl, capability. But, my dear child, that will be useless very soon. Expect your blood to be splattered on the walls, no one left to mourn you, and one being standing over your corpse. And, child, it shall be no peaceful or harmless or quick death. Enjoy your last bit of time left."

"Dang that was long," said Avalon.

"Hmm..." I said, thinking about it. "As shown by the messages, whatever it is--the Virus--seems to know us well, judging by how they matched the message to our personalities."

"But...I still don't get...what IS this thing? I mean, I know its a virus and all...but..." asked Summer.

We all exchanged a glance, and shrugged. "For now," said Chief, "it will be known as 'X'. X representing the unknown."

We all nodded. Then, I noticed something. Shiny, reddish, small, right next to Lilypop. I didn't know what it was--probably was just hallucinating.

Suddenly, the light flickered.

"Hmm?" asked Ice.

"Probably needs a new bulb," said Klint.

Then the lights went out competely.

"Lovely," said Road.

Suddenly, there was a shriek, a high-pitched, blood-curling shriek. I couldn't tell from who.

I felt a gush of wind against my cheek, then stared into large, glowing eyes, dark yet bright. Then, they disappeared.

The lights came on.

I gasped, and Icefern screamed.

Lilypop lied on the ground, curled around a knife in her stomach...limp.

Chapter 3

"LILY!" shrieked Avalon.

"Ohmygosh...ohhhhhhhh..." Ice stammered, falling back into the wall.

"Is she..." started Road.

Klint walked over to her, gently slid out the knife, and picked her up.

"Alive, but barely."

"I don't know if I should be relived or devastated by that..." started Flaming, and Boss slapped him.

"I can't believe..." started Caspiea.

Chief, wide-eyed, shook her head. "This is insane. We've got to put an end to this. Now."

Suddenly, out of nowhere, yet everywhere, a thick, deep, silk-like voice purred, "Oh, my dear girl. It is only the beginning."

"WHODAT?" cried Cody, jumping up.

"Oh, I don't know, the Ice Cream Man," said Mango.

"The Ice Cream M-Man...?" asked Cody.

Mango put her face in her hands.

"So, what do we do?" asked Road.

"I say we hunt this thing down," said Hurricane.

"I say we stay here and guard, defending if necessary," said Lego.

"I say, before we do anything, we make sure Lilypop is okay," said Universal.  "How is she, Klint?"

Klint shook his head. "Extremely punctured. Might not make it. Defientally can't make it here unless one of you are highly-trained medics."

Everyone shrugged.

"So, she's going to have to go back, then," I said.

"Can she MAKE it that long?" asked Summer.

"Unsure--but we must try," said Diamond. "Anyone volunteer to take her back?"

Lego stood up straight. "I will."

"Alright, stay safe! And if you can make it back, please do," said Chief.

Lego nodded, took Lilypop, then walked out.

"K, got Lilypop down," said Road. "NOW what do we do?"

"Let's have a vote." Diamond stood. "All in favor of staying here for defense say I."

"I," said several users.

"All who believe in hunting X down, say I."

"I," said Hurricane, Chief, Diamond, Flaming, Caspiea, Roadhawk, Universal, Klint and I. I hadn't even MEANT to volunteer myself...yet I did.

"Well then!" said Chief. "We are unarmed, young--but we have no choice either way. Let's go, folks."

She opened the door to the shed, and we walked out.

But I'm positive I heard a silk-like voice say in my ear, "Try as you may, children....try as you may."

It was late afternoon, however, you could hardly tell with the sky being blanketed in clouds. It seemed as if it would storm, but that was highly unprobable.

"So, where do we begin our search for this 'X'?" asked Caspiea.

"Well, probably not far, seeing how he/she was JUST here to slay Lilypop," said Flaming.

"What about that forest?" I asked, gesturing over the the blanket of trees near the shed.

"Dark woods: where most mysterious, murderous fiends often hang out," said Road. "Agree that that's our best bet."

"Alrighty!" said Chief. "Besides, we need to search SOMEWHERE."

"Just realizing how absolutely stupid this is, actually," said Flaming.

"Yeah, but there's no turning back," said Klint.

With our heads held high, we walked into the woods.

"My, it's dark here!" said Diamond. And it was. The canopies blocked most of the sunlight; only wisps of light from the cracks lit up our paths.

"Is it a bad time to mention I'm scared...?" I asked admittedly.

"Probably, although I don't blame you," said Chief.

We trudged silently, making no sound except for the grass and leaves crunching under our feet. My eyes did the best they could to adjust to the dark.

I looked up with a frusterated sigh, and locked eyes with the same glowing ones I'd seen before.

I shrieked and jumped back.

"What? What's wrong?" asked Hurricane.

I pointed to where I'd seen the eyes, but there was nothing but shadows, wisps of light, and dark silhouettes of trees.

"Don't tell me you're seeing things!" snapped Flaming. "Not going to really help here."

"I didn't. I'm sure I saw--"

"Well--keep a lookout, then," said Klint. "Watch your back."

I took a deep breath, doing everything I could to unstiffen, calm my pounding heart, quit trembling like a madman.

I shut my eyes and forced myself to take another step.

Focus...don't let fear cloud you...

I paid attention to each crunch the leaves made per step. To the rhythemic motions of my fellow Wiki users. To the surroundings, making sure there was nothing out of place--or in this case, in place.

After about an hour of nothing, Chief leaned against a tree and heaved a sigh. "This is getting hopeless. We've gotten no sign of X...and I'm unsure whether to be relieved or more terrified of that."

"I vote more terrified," said Road, sitting down and leaning back on his arms. "Just wanna kill this thing and go home, to tell the truth. Tired."

I gripped hold onto a tree and nodded my head. "Out of all the wikis he had to come to, X just had to pick us."

Everyone else nodded in sorrow agreement.


A high-pitched mixture of a shriek and a gasp filled the air, coming from everywhere it seemed.

Then, a scream from Diamond.

I got up and jolted around.

Caspiea, a knife sticking out her stomach, and behind her, a cloaked, shadowy figure, no taller than her...holding those same gleaming eyes.

Whatever it was pulled out the knife, and she fell motionless.

Never to rise again.

"AFTER HIM!" shouted Chief.

The cloaked figure--X--turned on its heels, and ran.

A few of us were still locked in shocked--staring at Caspiea.

"Leave her!" yelled Chief. "Can't save her. Can't save her."

Can't save her...

The words lingered in my mind. They were what propelled me forward, but also caused me to choke on a sob.

X was quite fast. His cloak trailing behind him, us hot on his heels. His hand still clutched the knife, bloody, stained with Caspiea's, Lilypop's, and who-know-who-else's blood.

Finally, he jumped, then disappeared into the ground.

"Daheck?" cried Road.

Diamond and Chief were the farthest ahead, and they stopped dead in their tracks.


We finally caught up, and gawked.

70 foot deep canyon sort of thing, about 100 ft across.

"Don't tell me X can fly, now," said Road.

"Hopefully, he just commited suicide," said Flaming.

"Probably not..." said Klint.

"Come on, let's head back. Formulate a plan or something," said Chief. With a heavy sigh...we agreed.

It was hard walking back, with that lingering feeling you are going to be re-encountering a dead body. When we finally passed her, I felt as if I were to throw up.

But then, something red caught my eye. Tilting my head, I focused on it.

I slammed my hand over my mouth to suppress a scream, and pointed.

The others looked towards me.

Road cried a few words that were not pretty, and Universal gaped.

Written there in red--most probably blood--right near Caspiea's body, was a letter.


Due to him running as soon as we'd caught him, he probably hadn't written it after Cas's death. was before. Thinking about it, I HAD seen it at Lilypop's stabbing site. And no doubt was it not just a mark of his arrival.

X marks the spot.

Of your death.

Chapter 4

I will admit, after that most recent discovery, I was searching for Red X's like I'd lost all sanity.

Well, after this adventure, I probably had.

We'd made camp a good few miles from the corspe, and said not a word. It'd been hours, and still no more sign of X. We were tired, however, a bit afraid of going to sleep.

"How about we keep watch again...?" piped Chief. "Like, when we did a while ago!"

"Not to intrude or anything," said Klint with a yawn, "but last time we kept watch, we were almost ambushed by random tigers."

"ALMOST! We could've died, but we were able to live to tell the tale!" said Chief. "Anyway, who wants first shift?"

Already too shaken to sleep, I was first to volunteer. Road and Uni stayed up with me.

I watched around, hoping with all my might I wouldn't see those gleaming eyes, or a shiny red X on the ground near us.

Strange, all I could focus on were the dark trees, the moonlight, that beautiful, sweet, watery, yet tangy smell that was filling up the area, almost like a fresh rose with a hint of mustard seed...couldn't help but breathe deeply, enjoying the scent.

I was so tired...wondered how I'd managed being up all this time. Universal dropped, fast asleep, and so did Road. So why wouldn't I join them? Sleep seemed comfy anyway....

Wasn't till 2 minutes after waking up the next morning did I realize how stupid I'd been.

"Oh crap!" I cried. Many users were already up, some were stirring. But Hurricane continued to dream on.

"Lemme guess," said Chief, rubbing her eyes. "You feel asleep."

"I'm so sorry, I don't even--"

"Well, looks like the three of you failed at your shift, and as a result no one else was able to complete theirs." Chief shook her head.

Road and Uni sat looking as guilty as I'd felt.

"But it was strange," said Uni. "Before I'd fallen asleep, I'd smelt something sweet...before I wasn't tired but after a few inhales I suddenly lost all energy."

"Same," said Road.

"Same with me," I said.

Chief rubbed her chin. "Probably some sort of Sleeping Drug or such. Guess I can't exactly hold you accountable for sleeping on duty...anyway, wake up! We need to get movin!" Chief stood up and clapped.

Folks yawned, rubbed their eyes, and got up. But Hurricane didn't budge.

"Come on, Hurricane!" said Chief. "Time to get movin!"

Slept on...

"Hurri!" snapped Dia. "You've got to be kidding me!"

"Uh...guys...?" said Klint. He stood over Hurricane, eyes wide.


Klint then gently kicked him over. Hurricane rolled towards us. At that point, I'd noticed the shiny red X next to him. His eyes were wide, mouth slightly open, giant wound on his heart.

No wonder he didn't wake up--he couldn't wake up.

"HURRICANE!" screamed Diamond.

"Oh my gosh...ohhhh my gosh...." started Chief.

Flaming slapped his forehead. "Does this dude ever QUIT?"

"Apparently not," said Road, shaking his head.

Tears ran down Diamond's face, and she turned away. "Whoever this 'X' is..."

"I don't know...I don't care..." said Chief. "We're going to find him. We're going to end this. Now."

I averted my eyes from the scene--and right into the ones that locked me in. That automatically sent a chill down my spine. That were just itching to leave another Red X. That now I wanted to shut and never open again.

Chapter 5

"There he is!" I shouted in fury. No longer was I driven by fear. Now, it was fury--for the endangerment of now THREE users--and the irritation of his ways.

The eyes disappeared as X began to run off. But this time, we weren't going to so easy. A plan didn't even need to be formulated. We all--driven by the same intent--knew by heart what to do.

I ran straight forward, along with Chief, while Diamond and Klint ran completely at a 90 angle from us, until we couldn't see them. Roadhawk and Uni, each on either side of me and Chief, ran at a diagonal angle towards where Dia and Klint headed, but still near us and straight forward.

X wasn't too far ahead of us. Road and Uni split farther, until one was on either side of X. Chief and I ran straight towards him, until we were only a knife-blade away, and Diamond, along with Klint, appeared parallel to us.

In other words, we had X surrounded.

He held out his knife, facing me and Chief. I heard a low growl from him. "Stay away!" he snapped. "You are warned. I'll be more than happy to lodge this in your throat."

Suddenly, Diamond pounced on him, grabbed the lip of his hood and yanked it down.

Every one of us froze, gasped, then screamed off the top of our lungs: "COUNT?!"

The knife dropped and Count crossed his arms. "Whoopdedoo, you caught me."

We were silent, then Chief literally raged.


"I WAS there, you know," said Count.

"Oh, shut the heck up," said Flaming.

"So all this time..." said Universal. "It's been you. Hiding your idenity, hacking onto the wiki chat, stabbing several users--for what purpose? Making yourself look better, stronger? Revenge? My, what a WISE decision you've made! Quite!"

"And it would've been done if it weren't for you meddling wiki users," he said with a snarl.

We said nothing.

"As for your condescending complaints--you really have nothing to be mad at me for. Heck, you should be thanking me."

"Thanking' you?" said Road, raising his voice.

Count sighed, and put his face in his hands. "Co'mon, guys."

Then, footsteps. Legofanyoday, Lilypop, Caspiea, and Hurricane all strolled to us. Without even a scratch.

We gasped, and I literally was going to pass out from confusion.


"ZOMBIES!" shouted Flaming. "YOU ALL ARE ZOMBIES. That or you never died in the first place and this was all a hoax."

"You can't yell or hit or ban or do anything to me," said Count, a wide grin growing on his face. Lilypop giggled and Caspiea slammed her hand over her mouth, obviously doing her best not to laugh. "Why, you ask? I've got full permission and request from Gray."


"GRAY'S BEHIND THIS?" cried Diamond.

"Well, you see folks," Count rocked on his heels, "Gray decided he needed to give you all--mainly Chief--a little test while he was gone. Seeing how you would handle a tough situation, like this. He left the details up to us--Lily, Cas, Klint, n' me."

"Klint...?" We all eyed him. He whistled.

"Well, pretty much the bottom line was a fear-theme/tough issue. Soooooooooooooo we came up with this! And I must say, it was also a lot of entertainment to see you guys fretting around like the world was going to end." Count pressed his lips together, looking as if he was trying to suppress a full rolling-on-the-floor guffaw. "Caspiea and Hurri do have quite realistic fake deaths, don't they?"

"Hey, I had to practice," said Hurricane. "Plus Klint, you weren't supposed to kick me THAT hard!" He rubbed his shoulder.

"Sorry," said Klint. "But it was absolutely hilarious having to WATCH you guys panic."

"Ya, still don't get how this is funny," said Road.

"Oh, Road," said Caspiea. "It just is."

"How come it was just YOU three?" said Flaming, raising an eyebrow. "Why wouldn't Gray pick me? The King of Trolling. The Master of Pranking. The FLAMINGFIREHOUND?"

Count shrugged. "Eh, it was Lily, Cas, Klint n' me in chat at that time. When Lego was found carrying Lilypop back, she told him the story and we let 'im in."

" that this is said and done..." said Chief. "How'd we do?"

"Horrible. I've never seen such terrible performance in my life."

Klint whacked him. "Ignore Count. You guys seriously did well. Really surprised. Heck, surprised you mustered enough courage to even HANDLE the situation, and not just--like--quit Wikia. Good job, guys."

"Count, where the heck did you get your talk from? And how'd you hack into chat?"

The boy interlaced his fingers, rocked back on his heels, and stretched. "Learned a lot of vocabulary. A lot more vocal than you think. And the hacking? I've got my ways--and Klint helped like a lot."

"And the murders...?"

"All in the wrist and perspective! When I'd stabbed Cas, I was at a precise looked like the blade'd gone through her but it actually just swept her side. As for Lilypop and Hurricane, you never actually SAW them get stabbed. But fake wounds and blood really did the trick. As for your corspe pictures--photoshop DOES exist."

Count twirled his knife. "All in a day's work."

"Well!" said Diamond. "Thank goodness this 'X' mystery is cracked. And for crying out loud please don't tell me that's a real knife."

"It is," said Lego.

Caspiea elbowed him. "It's rubber. It's about as deadly as a lilypad."

Chief shook her head. "Well--yet another eventful adventure completed. Come on, guys, let's head back."

We happily followed. And I made sure I kept X--errr--Count in close watch. To this day--I still do. And thank goodness, I haven't seen any more Red X's...

Well--at least not yet.

The End

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