One day Sparkle Arcticstar was just chilling in sarepia, so she sat looking at the fire for 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years (No just kidding.) then she went to sleep. However when she woke up she was in this slimy place. DIS IS TEH PARTE WEAR BED GRAMMER TAEKS OVER!!!!!!!!! sparkle noticed "oh no! i wus eated! halp!" teh artic wofl shoted! but then somehowe teh stumik she wus in fated awey. exploarer speeretfocks teh focks saved spurkle and exploarer didnt know wut eated spurkl but julien2 cam to sarepia and kreizy fangurls ran to hime screeming! and den teh thing that eated spurkl stharted to atackh evrywon. it wus so sed!!!!!!!!!!! meny jamers diediediedied!!!!!! blud splateered evrywhere!!!!!!! spurkl articstahr thinks it was this


a shedow animul from animul caev, an urly vershun of animul jam

animul caev is from dis stori!


then spurkl and exploarer got otu there bows and sords and keled the shedow animul.

then all teh ded jamers were berried and teh jamers did a vectiry danse and thay wer al waring cloths seying YOLO


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