Take part,YOU'RE NEXT.

Chapter 1

I was a normal jammer,careless,just like you,until one day,i found a user named manisback0320,i asked him,Wanna Trade?,he did not say anything,all he did was trade me a necklace,hmmm,this is not fman122,is it?

Chapter 2

He got a step closer to my animal,Little Shiverotter,i said,"That's it?A stupid necklace?!,But i accepted it anyway,but gave him a bad item in return,after he traded with me he said:



Chapter 3

The next day,i logged in,for a split second before the load screen,a strange photo appeared,it was this:


Once i saw this,i logged out.

Chapter 4

I saw all my items were replaced with necklaces,and when i tried to log out,the screen displayed a bloody message,saying:


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