"You can run, but you can't be saved."

The cat was choking on the dark water. The sky was pitch black, no moon or stars- nothing. The sound of water rolling down the river was unwelcoming, as if arms were tugging him into the darkness. The bank was very steep like a cliff, the roots of plants hanging down, but they weren't thick enough to pull someone out.

"No, someone, help!" the black cat yowled, blue eyes wide in fear. His tail was waving to the left in the murky, dark river, legs flailing.

"There's no time for that," a voice rumbled, a cackle following. "You deserve this for all you've done. They sent you all kinds of omens, signs, anything they could do. Do you know what you did?"

He looked up to see a massive tom cat hovering above him, blood staining his dark brown-gray, striped pelt. Murky green eyes were fixed upon him. All seemed to be quiet for a moment, the sound of the river hushing. The current seemed to slow, but the silence was broken when the tom spoke. The tom turned his head up, blood leaking from his right eye, a twisted grin on his face.

"You ignored them, Umbra!"

All the noise thundered back, the current almost sweeping him away. Loud laughing echoed in the distance above the sound of water hitting rocks, a few scraping his belly and jabbing his sides. He yowled, gripping the rocks, but his claws only raked across them, the water dragging him along.

"Darkness brings evil things, oh, the reckoning begins."

A force seemed to pull him down, submerging his head in the river. He gasped, swallowing some of the water as the last of his breath seeped out of his body. His lungs were filling with the water as he thrashed around in desperation, pain jabbing his chest and head. He felt lightheaded, sight dimming. The tightness in his chest increased. Umbra felt like his stomach was twisting with every second he was underwater. The dim lights of the surface were far away from him as he was dragged deeper, body falling limp.

"You have opened the yawning grave."

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