I remember how I got my Kindle Fire, the excitement. Immediately I went to the Appstore, looking for MMO games, and eventually found one, 4 star rating. Wolf Online. I begged to get it, and soon it was downloaded. I chose my wolf, and a after a few days, I became addicted. I loved to play it, and liked to kill other outsider wolves. It was just a game. Then my Internet grew strong, and the chat came on. I was verbally attacked, for just playing the game. "Jupiter, you suck you coward." I responded coolly, "Okay." It wasn't so bad, I just kept playing. "You suck balls," they taunted. I simply said, "I don't care." They then got worse.

"Why don't you just kill yourself, bish?" I froze. I deleted the game. What if I should kill myself? I grabbed some rat poison, but then stopped. I through it away and 


Things got better, I moved on with life and played Animal Jam.

Stay strong. Don't let words hurt you.

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