You know you want to

By Funnysun, this is not true!

There was a meeting going on with the alphas Sir Gilbert was taking it. Of course he was taking it, he is the oldest of all the alphas and he was more experienced but Cosmo did not understand why he was always taking the meetings. Even one time the meeting was about Boomseeds and Cosmo made the boomseeds so why didn`t he take the meeting.

Of course Cosmo did not tell any of the alphas that he felt that we should always change who takes the meeting because he knew what they would say.

Cosmo is not the most popular in the group, maybe because he has mad ideas that always involve boomseeds. Every Alpha felt that Cosmo needs to stop with the boomseeds because in the three month when he planned to do stuff with the boomseeds it went absolutely wrong!

Graham felt sorry for him and felt like he needed to give him some support but something kept holding him back from actually helping him. Graham did not know what, every time he walked up to him he could not say anything. He felt nervous and sweaty when he talked to Cosmo.

Cosmo did not really notice this, he was way too busy making plans that had boomseeds in them.

Lately Peck had been starting to worry about him and even told Liza that maybe they could sign him up for the doctors because he was hardly eating anything but boomseeds and he was up all night most nights!

But of course Liza would not agree, not because she knew he would hate going to see the doctor but because Cosmo had started to become very edgy and would even kick. He kicked Greeley the last weekend which really made Greeley angry!

The person who was most worried about him was Graham!

But Graham still would not go near him because of how nervous he was around Cosmo.

One question that was always in Graham head nowadays was, " Why can I not be around him, why do I get nervous and feel like my heart is going to explode?"

He had never felt that way ever not even when he was married to his ex wife.

Graham wife was a nice, caring housewife but Graham was always busy doing inventons so she hardly got any time with him and she felt like their love that they had was gone. She left him a note telling hom she left for good!


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