Sigh. If only I looked like this-the other cubs.

    Young 'n Bold

It was the first day. This day, it was a gift. That's why they call it present. I still remember how, I, an escaped lion cub, got hit by a form of human transportation. It was my last day. 

It was supposed to be.

They called me Sahara, over some God-Knows-Where place. Pfft. I wonder how I was brave enough to even cross a road. The other cubs called me a coward. A worthless coward. I wish it was my last day- I sure do.

My mother said I was a blessing, a gift from God, a star in the sky.


I always put a sample of the story before I continue it. Let me know if I should.

It's hard to believe what mother said. But, honestly, I wish I had the wings to fly to heaven. Instead of getting killed, only half my paw was torn up. I could feel my flesh burst into a stream of red. Why? Why did I have to suffer like this?

I limp into a clearing full of trees. I honestly don't want to go back, I hate them all- my mother, the other cubs, the other mothers, father. I rest my bleeding body on a flat stone, watching a beetle crawl beside me. In my anger, I take my paw and hit the innocent creature until I see all the guts spill out. I imagine me as the beetle, the other cubs crushing my dignity. I wipe my paw on the stone, lick my fur and wound. I limp over to a puddle, lap up a few refreshing drops, then dip my torn body in it. It would be much better to go back to the zoo, where they would spoil me, but then again, I prefer to be free.

I decide that now might be a good time to die, I limp over to the road again as a truck passes by. Expecting my fate to come, I sprawl out onto my stomach. But then, something happened. The car STOPPED. Unable to get up and run off quickly, as they might make a pelt out of me, I explode into cub cries. My vision is a blur, and someone gently picks me up.

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My world turns black, all I hear is silence. "Tell me I'm dead, please!" I roll over on my back, slowly open my eyes. My torn paws and legs have a covering over them, and I turn my head. There's a robotic type of part on the side, it looks  lot like a leg, with wires and all that junk on it. I attempt to sit up. I can't. Straps keep my body flat on a soft surface. I'm in a bright room, with flat surfaces on the tables. I relax my tense body for a little bit, the muscles in my back lowering down. 

Eventually a woman comes in, or a she-human. Her voice is soft-like Mother's. She gently lifts the straps. I think that she's trying to help me, but it would also be great if she could exterminate me. She reaches for the wired leg and straps it on my wounded leg after unravelling the bandage around it.

What happens next? Tell me what your predictions are!

My muscles tense up again, rising across my shoulders. The she human lifts me up with rubber gloves. By the look of her eyes, I can tell mine are afraid. I must stay strong. I'm not a coward. I'm brave. And by the time I grow a mane, I can rip the other lions to shreds. And if this woman is giving me super powers, oh boy, the joy. But she's not. 

I'm being carried to another room. "Ready to perform the experiment?" She looks at me. I shake my head, no, but she isn't looking at me anymore. She's looking at the wired leg attached to me. "Now, go on, walk," she beckons, placing me on the white shiny flooring. I stumble, mostly on purpose.

Then I gain courage, and begin to walk, it feels a little weird-a feeling I'm not used to. "Well then, you must go back to your home then," the she human announces, lifting me. Home? No, I don't belong home, I belong in the wild where there are no bullies. 


Dear fellow wikians, I'm very sad to announce that I will not be able to continue this story. I will try my best. Please do not edit this. Be patient and wait for Sahara.


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