based on a true pet who is trapped in old cage thing (actully is this the auntie of lady's little baby dalmition there so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

Is this Zara's fate?

trapped in a cage, no escape i hate my life i trtied jumping but i can't get over the wall. i HAVE TRIED BUT I JUST CAN'T

For being a dog in cage is hard.. i just can't live like this... i must escape i must fly.... and be free like a bird... birds are free I MUST BE FREE

Now i must be free for thoose who fly i must be free, freedom for all FREEDOM IS FOR ALL FREEDOM IS FOR ALL FREEMDOM IS FOR ALL

I will headbutt the fence right now, AND I WON'T STOP!

these aliens called humans put us in cages but theres this one alien her name is vectoria or something but she calls me "cowdog"? but she does pet and give my affection... I guess there not that bad not as bad the person who trapped me in here....

Uh.. I'm scared... I saw a truck today with a picture of a Dalmatian in it? is this my fate?


----A few month later----

i barked aloud wanted to be free, Surprising the same human comes sometimes, she pets me and my sister, Lady, As a previous Arctic wolf, with my patterns as a spots that are black

"Hey, Cow dogs, Your sister lady is pregnant with pups!" She said cheerfully

She smiled and walked inside greeted by a fluffy small dog calledluna


I have writers block ;-;

this won't get noticed

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